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    33 Things For People With Limited Mobility

    Whether your arthritis makes it tough to grasp things, you should avoid bending over at the waist, or just need a little aid hoisting yourself up from the couch, we found products that'll be a help in all kinds of little ways for everyday tasks. From elastic shoelaces to collapsible walking canes to grocery delivery services, we've got you covered.

    1. An Echo with Alexa voice command so you can queue up a favorite playlist, share weather reports, call a friend, and so many other tasks that normally require using your hands.

    2. A simple grabber for serving as a 32" extension of your own arm to reach stuff on the top shelf or pick up items you dropped on the floor.

    3. An on-trend waist pouch for easier access than a shoulder bag, like these quilted, sparkly, or fabric options.

    4. A sturdy step stool with a handle to grasp when getting in and out of bed and vehicles, or just reaching for that pesky bottle of cumin in the kitchen cabinet.

    5. An easy-install safety grip as an extra hand for getting in and out of the tub if you don't want to commit to a permanent grab bar.

    6. A sturdy bath bench that'll provide a spot to park yourself when standing in the shower nor sitting in the tub is feasible.

    7. A sex positioning cushion to help you get in the right spot so your partner can get at the right spot.

    8. A cult-status Hitachi wand with a long handle meant for external stimulation or a silicone plunge paddle that takes a lot less force to manipulate than a wood paddle.

    9. Or a silicone plunge paddle that takes a lot less force to manipulate than a wood paddle.

    10. A hands-free lube dispenser that'll also warm it to the perfect temp!

    11. A jar opener you can mount underneath a table or cabinet and use with one hand. One. Hand! 👌

    12. An automatic soap dispenser so you don't have to worry about pumping yourself.

    13. A rotating tray table to sidle up to your go-to living room perch and provide a stable hoisting help when it's time to get up for snacks.

    14. A remote-controlled curtain rod so you can greet the sunrise on a timeline that works for you without throwing open the drapes yourself.

    15. A multi-surface robot vacuum to assign a regular cleaning task out to another party, aka not you!

    16. A foldable trolley for serving as your own personal shopping cart that won't strain your back.

    17. A Magic Bullet set to make meals sip-able and easier to consume.

    18. An electric toothbrush and water flosser that'll take some of the motions out of your daily dental routine.

    19. A bracelet-clasping tool here to help you put on your favorite bracelet when no one's around to help.

    20. An XL shoe horn for sliding in and out of footwear more easily without having to bend at the waist.

    21. A set of elastic shoelaces that'll make getting shoes on and off even easier — especially at the airport security line!

    22. A pair of sock-like walking shoes or Vans velcro-strap sneakers you can ease into for a comfy, reliable fashion statement.

    23. A pair of pull-on jeans made for simpler dressing without sacrificing your signature style.

    24. A trio of motion sensor lights to help you better locate items without having to flip on a light switch or light the path on treacherous steps to help prevent falls.

    25. And a toilet nightlight because one of life's most essential tasks shouldn't cause a trip just because it's 2:58 a.m.

    26. A bedside caddy with pockets where you can stash all your essentials so once you've tucked yourself in for the night, you won't have to escape the covers to grab your sleep mask.

    27. Or a bed rail with storage pockets in case you need to prevent rolling out of bed and a little extra boost when getting up.

    28. And a similar grab bar that'll fit onto your recliner or couch for assistance sitting or standing.

    29. A hydropneumatic lifting seat meant to provide 70% assistance while standing up from a chair when you're out and about.

    30. An adjustable folding cane with a soft gel grip that'll easily tuck into a shoulder bag in case you only occasionally use one.

    31. A purse hook so you can securely keep the bottom of your bag safe and sound, while also avoiding having to bend over and pick it up off the floor.

    32. A subscription to a meal kit service like Blue Apron or grocery delivery service like AmazonFresh that may help you skip some food shopping sessions without skimping on 'grammable dinners.

    33. A tablet stand as a hands-free way to keep your binge-watching screen in place at the *perfect* angle.

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