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    55 Things That'll Finally Help Give You Your Dream Home

    It's like you moved but you didn't have to deal with all the annoying parts (which, tbh, are all the parts).

    1. A faux-sheepskin rug you can throw on your ugliest arm chair and turn into your throne where you'll wield the most important of decisions, like which series to binge-watch this weekend.

    wicker chair with white faux sheepskin rug thrown on it

    2. A seashell pillow for MUCH cheaper than you'll see in a cool vintage shop. Seriously though, your other throw pillows can use a new bud.

    3. A bidet toilet attachment for a spa-like experience to get you squeaky clean. Just think of all the closet space you're going to free up when you require FAR less TP!

    close up of the bidet attachment with dials

    4. Lighted curtains you can layer with some sheer curtains for an ethereal look indoors or outdoors on the reg. Staying inside and getting your money's worth on your rent or mortgage is going to feel way more glamorous.

    5. A velvet futon so impressive that no one will believe it's a futon because we're all so used to those unsightly metal behemoths. Folding it out into a sleeping surface will be your new fave magic trick.

    navy velvet futon that looks like a mid-century couch with wood legs

    6. Peel-and-stick wallpaper to help you get a snazzy DIY look 'til you're on an interior designer budget. It'll happen for ya' one day.

    7. velvet slipcover to give your ragged old couch a complete new look. Plus, the slipcover comes with straps to keep it in place so you don't have to futz with it all the time.

    Promising review: "I have never been so excited about a slipcover. Total transformation of our couch and loveseat. I was worried about it not working on our leather couch, but it stays on really well due to the straps and the separate cushion covers. LOVE." —Brian/Liz

    Get it from Amazon for $42.49+ (available in two sizes and 10 colors).

    8. And a stretchy arm chair slipcover to help transform that perfectly fine (but hideous) chair you found on Facebook Marketplace for a song.

    arm chair with ripped seat cushion and ugly floral print
    the same chair covered in a solid gray slipcover

    Promising review: "Before and after putting it on. I couldn’t be happier. This chair has been through and lot and I just wasn’t ready to pry with it. The cover was easy to put in and so soft." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $20.39+ (available in 19 solid colors).

    9. Or perhaps some washable dining chair slipcovers so you can make actual use of that dining set your aunt is offering up for free but isn't quite your style. Reviewers say they're super easy to use and work on various sized chairs.

    dining table with brown wood back chairs and brown seat cushions
    the same dining setup with light gray floral pattern slipcovers on the chair giving the impression that the chairs are upholstered in that fabric

    Promising review: "These arrived yesterday and they was so easy for me to put on. Only took about 10 minutes for six chairs. From nasty white chairs to a nice gray and white cover. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH THAT I WILL BIY MORE TO CHANGE OUT MY COLORS FOR CHRISTMAS TIME AND ALL HOLIDAYS. Well worth the price we payed. I’m in love with my new chairs now. IT WAS MY HUSBANDS IDEA FOR ME TO BUY MORE. ❤️" —lisa browning

    Get six from Amazon for $40.99+ (available in 35 solid colors and prints).

    10. An enviable Dutch oven to match your kitchen, but won't break the bank like the holy grail Le Creuset. Some day. Some. Day.

    deep blue dutch oven on a stovetop

    11. A grout pen you can use to work some *cheap magic* so you don't have to stare at the stained grout and imagine what it used to look like. Grout takes up a teeny bit of space but, as you can see from the pics, makes a huge impact!

    12. A peel-and-stick faux-gel tile backsplash that's mold-, heat-, and moisture-resistant — and will give your kitchen the ultimate easy makeover montage.

    The backsplash installed in a kitchen
    One sheet of the backsplash

    Promising review: "We did a kitchen facelift this summer, repainting and making everything look fresh. We were looking at The Home Depot version of these, which are more than double the price. We decided to go for these instead and they are amazing!! I put them up myself in about two hours. I did buy the adhesive spray just in case but it wasn’t needed, even for the few I had to peel off and re-stick to center correctly. These aren’t too difficult to apply but definitely require patience. It is 100% worth the buy for a DIY affordable update!" —Hope Consilvio

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $29.97.

    13. Some chalked paint that'll transform all sorts of furniture and surface eyesores. That dresser with the horrible stain color? Np. 

    A customer review before and after photo showing the brick around their fireplace going from red to white
    A customer review before and after photo of their dresser

    Promising review: "This paint works marvelously for staining interior brick! I researched for a long time and looked at many project reports for staining a raw brick fireplace. Finally, I committed to this chalk paint and my fireplace looks better than any I have seen elsewhere. I diluted it to a half paint, half water ratio, applied one coat with a brush, and worked it into holes and crevices with a sponge. Very easy to do, especially if surroundings are appropriately protected from the very thin splashy paint." —maina donaldson

    Get it from Amazon for $17.50+ (available in 12 colors).

    14. A scratch-off state map as a cool reminder to finally take that road trip out west to commune with nature, far FAR away from other people.

    15. A luxe-looking mousepad with a metal finish for smooth movement that'll perk up a lackluster home office — even if that home office is the couch or your bed.

    rose gold metal mouse pad

    16. A cat tree (an actual faux tree) so your fave felines can frolick in a fixture that fits in with your house plant collection. We love a multi-functional piece!

    17. A set of soap dispensers you can decant your shower products into for a spa vibe. (No one has to know that's 99 cent-store shampoo!)

    A customer review photo of four soap dispensers in their shower.

    18. Or a set of reusable dispenser bottles (with nice labels!) that give the same vibe as some of the outrageously expensive toiletries you've probably seen in a fancy restaurant bathroom.

    Reviewer's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles are shown on the wall of a shower

    19. An indoor-friendly hammock chair (you could also hang up on a covered patio) that'll give hanging out a new meaning. Add a throw pillow and you'll never want to leave.

    close up of the hammock swings with tassels hanging down from it

    20. A super adaptable sofa you can take apart piece by piece and then swap out covers for over the years. Aka, you can buy one couch and build onto it as you build your life! Awwwwww.

    21. A *washable* boho area rug that, tbh, would be easier to vacuum in high-traffic areas but still be SO stunning. Can you believe?!

    faded looking peach and blue area rug in a living room

    22. A graciously sized storage ottoman for storing blankets or stuff you just want outta sight.

    gray rectangular ottoman with lids that raise up to reveal storage

    23. A Selenite skyscraper to dress up any ole bookshelf or tabletop. (It's going to look like you spent close to $50 on it!!! And I say that because I recently saw one in a boutique priced that.)

    hand holding the crystal, showing it's just the size of a hand

    24. A modern tabletop mirror that'll give you a glimpse of your visage while making an interesting focal point. Truly the best of both worlds.

    wavy shape mirror in wooden stand

    25. A plant-watering bird that'll keep your plant babes hydrated and looking like their best selves, even if you currently can't be described in that way.

    bird shape glass watering globe in a plant

    26. And a juniper bonsai to add to your plant horde. Just because!

    juniper bonsai plant

    27. A compact desk large enough for your computer and some accoutrements but small enough to avoid it becoming a dumping ground.

    white desk with two front drawers and gold legs

    28. A gorgeous office desk chair so you can sit pretty while banging out a report or two before logging offline for a long weekend. Byeeee.

    mid century style desk chair with wheels

    29. A hanging frame helper so you can finally get all your wall art up and make it feel like home. (You can only lean so many frames prints against the wall as a "look.")

    the framing tool

    30. And if you've been putting off framing some photos, you can score a professionally framed photo for a budget-friendly price.

    framed photo of model with a guitar

    31. Or perhaps a gallery wall kit complete with pro-quality photos, hanging hardware, and paper guides — so that naked wall can finally get dressed in something special.

    32. A linen bedding bundle so you can fully realize your fancy home self while keeping your cool. You don't have to sleep hot to love these, but that'll make you love them even more!

    bed with linen bedding

    33. Garage magnets for achieving a desirable carriage-door style with your existing doors. (*Actual* carriage-style doors are very pricey.)

    34. A divine candle set so you can finally set up your Golden Girls shrine.

    four prayer style candles with the golden girls characters as saints

    35. A mini fridge that'll be the perfect spot for your skincare! Or stash of soda. I guess that's between you and this lil' fridge.

    open mini fridge with geometric pattern on the front

    36. A canopy bed befitting your royal lifestyle (with plenty of space underneath for storing all your civilian things).

    bedroom with gold tone canopy in squared off shape

    37. A set of room-darkening velvet curtains for a super dramatic look on the cheap. Mount the rod ABOVE the window frame and measure the curtains correctly so you can get a glam floor-skimming look that draws the eye upward.

    38. A wordy pillow any bibliophile will adore. Nancy Drew solved the mystery of who lives in the gorgeous home. It's you!

    couch with a throw pillow on it with words from a Nancy drew book making up the profile of a woman with a magnifying glass

    39. A pretty yoga mat (that's legit v good) so you can finally make a lil' exercise noo