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27 Of The Best Pet Toys You Can Get On Amazon

We've got something for everyone. Even your rats!

1. A poop emoji plush that'll be their new sleeping buddy.

2. A pair of collapsible cat tunnels for when they just wanna get away. From you.

3. A snack puzzle board perf for your wascally wabbit.

4. A rubber football that'll squeak and bounce its way into your furry family member's heart.

5. A snuggly behavioral toy with a faux heartbeat that'll soothe puppies.

6. A versatile shreddable toy that'll work for small creatures like birds, rats, and more!

7. A tug-of-war toy that won't catch dogs' teeth like regular rope.

8. A lazy lookout tower so your hamsters, gerbils, or mice can enjoy the view.

9. A squeaky catnip-filled toy that comes in six varieties.

10. A log and squeaky squirrels set that'll keep your pup busy -- and give them some new friends to tote around the house.

11. A coconut hideaway for birds, rats, hamsters, and other little buds.

12. A tough rubber ball for the equally angelic and devilish dog.

13. A rabbit rolling log toy fit to chew.

14. A soft moose that'll make lots of new friends ASAP.

15. A pack of colorful springs that'll keep your cat from bouncing off the walls.

16. A tough ball that'll outlast lots of rough play and fetch sessions.

17. A collapsible three-way tunnel that's a great escape for cats, puppies, and rabbits.

18. A set of nylon bones that'll make for strong, healthy teeth.

19. A willow-branch ball that's perfect for tiny nibbles from rabbits and chinchillas.

20. A fluffy duck that'll hold up in the wash.

21. A peek-a-prize box to stimulate your cat's mind.

22. A fabric disc that's durable, yet gentle on hyper dogs' mouths.

23. A pretty caterpillar your pups can wear like a fancy feather boa.

24. A box o' cat toys you can dangle in front of your discerning pets.