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    26 Surprising Uses For The Small Spaces In Your Home

    You've got the space, use it wisely.

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    1. Replace your OG shower caddy (or just free up your tub corners) with a shower curtain liner that has mesh pockets sturdy enough to hold your expensive-ass conditioning treatments *and* quickly drain shower water.

    2. Save your crumpled ties by filing them in a super-slim tie hanger that'll nestle right into your closet in that free space that won't quite fit a coat or jacket.

    3. Move your measuring cups out of your cramped drawers and within reach of your stovetop with some clear Command hooks that'll work perfectly with any measuring cups that have holes in the handles.

    4. Use the back of a craft room or closet door as the most genius storage solution with this simple gift wrap organizer you could alternatively use for a kid's toys or outerwear accessories.

    5. And hang a good ol' clear shoe organizer on the back of pantry door — or really any door — to bring some stuff up into the light and present it in a way you'll actually use it.

    6. Slide this bathroom cabinet into that space between your toilet and wall (where you always end up dropping rolls of toilet paper) to gather all the stuff you need but can't leave out in the open 24/7.

    7. Squeeze in some extra storage between appliances and cabinets with a 4.75-inch rolling cart that'll bring your go-tos within reach when you need 'em.

    8. Attach a coffee mug rack to fill that blank space at the bottom of a shelf to free up some precious space inside your cabinets.

    9. Place a corner linen cabinet in a spot that looks like it'd be zero storage help. It'll give your digs a historic vibe thanks to its built-in look that just screams CHARM.

    10. Change the space of an empty corner into plush animals HQ with some toy hammocks. Put 'em low enough and your kid can put 'em away on their own. Score.

    11. Stick on small storage bins on the side of cabinets or on a patch of blank wall to keep smaller kitchen essentials within arm's reach.

    12. Or slap on some magnetic makeup storage containers on the inside of your medicine cabinet or on the side of your fridge. (Hey, you are starved for space, right?!)

    13. Or turn the expanse of an exposed fridge side to a flavorful display with spice magnet containers that'll spare a kitchen cabinet shelf for less-used items.

    14. Free up a bit of counter space by moving your roll farther away from spills and placing it on a mounted paper towel holder.

    15. Fill the space above your kitchen cabinets by throwing miscellaneous overflow into neutral storage baskets — they'll totally disguise the clutter.

    16. Swap your over-the-door mirror with a mirrored *LED* storage cabinet if you can spare the extra four inches added to the door. (I think you can manage.)

    17. Clear off your bedside table once and for all with a bedside caddy made to fit underneath your mattress and hold all your bedtime necessities.

    18. Occupy that narrow amount of space under your bed where your carry-on suitcase won't fit with this slim storage container bag.

    19. Transform the extra couple of feet above your washer into a laundry multitasking zone with this utility rack made for that specific purpose.

    20. And park this magnetic ironing mat on top of your dryer to replace a cumbersome ironing board and finally put an odd space to use.

    21. Put this "dress" jewelry organizer in a spot in your closet where a two-sizes-too-small dress has been occupying space.

    22. Lean a decorative ladder against the wall in the corner where a side table or accent chair won't quite fit. It's the perfect place to store your gorgeous throws!

    23. Borrow a little air space above your go-to outlet with an outlet shelf *just* large enough for your electric toothbrush.

    24. Make the clearance space around your garage doors work for its house and home with fishing rod racks that'll also keep your precious casters safe.

    25. And while we're in the vicinity, you can hang heavy-duty ceiling racks in the space your garage doors don't reach for rarely used stuff like tubs full o' holiday decorations. (Yes, that space isn't really "small" but you're not using it at the moment, are you?!)

    26. Hide some vertical storage in the four inches of depth behind an oddly placed door with a special cabinet you can install without damaging said door.

    The unused small spaces in your home:

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