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    30 Things Everyone Who Loves Succulents Needs To Own

    Presents that don't succ. (I'm so sorry.)

    1. A bucket bag that proves you *can* take things you love with you. At least to the store.

    2. A succulent necklace available in both day and night colors that'll keep you appropriately accessorized no matter the time.

    3. A refreshing sheet mask to match all your fav houseplants.

    4. A pretty planter that'll cradle your newest plant babe.

    5. A garden journal for keeping track of what you've planted and when to water them!

    6. A horde of live succulents ready to nestle in wedding bouquets, pot as baby shower favors, and just generally share the succy love.

    7. Or a set of ~convincing~ rubber plants perfect for those who love their succulents to death. (It me.)

    8. A trio of planters with bamboo bases to achieve all your minimalist old plant lady dreams.

    9. A highly-rated misting sprayer that'll look pretty, too.

    10. A gorgeous bralette with an embroidered garden you'll wanna show off in the wild.

    11. A glass pentagon terrarium to fill up with plants.

    12. A set of three cactus and succulent pins so you can wear your plant love on your denim jacket sleeve.

    13. A pair of wall planters with enough space for a succulent or two.

    14. A happy rug to greet you when you get in the door and it's time to water your plants.

    15. A faux-succulent necklace featuring tiny versions of the polymer clay variety, in case you're concerned about doing the same with live plants!

    16. A downloadable print to frame and park beside your real plants.

    17. A pack of owls that'll feel the same way about plants as you.

    18. A baby terrarium necklace with a living succulent inside of it you'll adore.

    19. A matching pet succulent keychain for keeping you feeling green on the go in the best way possible.

    20. A VW bus-shaped planter as a way to channel extra good growing vibes.

    21. A set of 10 notecards to express your succulent love with the people you love.

    22. A monochrome hanging wall planter in two sizes can accommodate your growing plant collection in the most grammable way.

    23. A pair of tiny succulent earrings made from polymer clay but will look *so* real people may just stare at your lobes to solve the mystery.

    24. A colorful laptop skin can help you forget you're working in an office and not outside in nature.

    25. A dainty ring featuring a silver sedum plant for occasions when you can't take your plants with you.

    26. A sweatshirt that'll proudly display your plant love.

    27. A book to help take any succulent grower to the next level.

    28. A ceramic "Plant Lady" mug in case your green AF desk isn't giving off those vibes already.

    29. A pair of plucky socks with a bright pattern that won't disappoint for some green toes, too.

    30. A curvy wave planter that might as well have come straight out of the sea.

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