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    39 Stylish Things For A "Halloween, But Make It Fashion" Look

    Haven't you heard? Zombies make the best runway models.

    1. A Wednesday Addams classic that, tbh, you're going to wear over and over again during normal life, too.

    2. A glitzy skull skirt that'll be subtle enough to wear year-round. OK, not subtle at all but who cares?!?!?!?

    3. A styling and profiling Pink Ladies or T Birds jacket for your dog. Heck, buy your dog BOTH because everyone needs more than one fall jacket, OK?!

    4. A heartthrob necklace you can wear next your cold, dead heart.

    5. A killer stole that'll take the "mystery" out of "murder mystery." It was you. On the dancing floor. Slaying it.

    6. A gorgeous necklace and earrings set you can use as an ulta glam hair piece.

    7. An adorable wingwoman who'll carry around your stuff for you.

    8. Skeleton earrings can really dial up your I-woke-up-10-minutes-ago bun. Janice from accounting won't have the guts to ask you what you did last night even though she watched your Insta story. At least that's one thing she and your glam earrings have in common.

    9. Alexander McQueen socks with a lil' pizazz so you can be festive from your head down to your (toasty) toes.

    10. Or some Betsey Johnson socks for far less if you've got a hefty Halloween candy budget.

    11. A batwing dress you're basically required to model in this exact pose for Instagram.

    12. An intricate pendant with your likeness-ish that'll be that last finishing touch your October ensembles need.

    13. A sheer overlay dress that'll ensnare everyone in its metallic cobwebs.

    14. Or a similarly styled sweatshirt that'll be much easier to wear with your faux-leather leggings as you clutch a PSL while you just try to make it into work on time.

    15. OR a "Future Ghost" sweatshirt that'll take you from pumpkin patch to corn maze to catacombs to wherever else your spooky szn–loving heart desires!

    16. A dashing dress you'll wanna bat your eyelashes at.

    17. A chonky bat that'll travel in a pack with its enamel pin siblings. Y'know, in case you don't want to wear *only* black.

    18. An adorable tote bag because perhaps you don't already have a tote bag for the season! Or, like you need one for every day of the week. No judgment.

    19. A black cat bag (or gray bag in honor of Sailor Moon's Diana!) that'll bring you tons and tons of good luck. You may believe in ghosts but you don't believe in bad luck!

    20. Skeletal bike shorts in case you can't let bike shorts go just yet despite the dropping temps. Just throw a faux-fur jacket on top and you're g2g.

    21. A baby tee you'll wanna grab for everyone in your coven. Oh and in case you're wondering, the rest of the Dolls Kill x The Craft collab is on the pointiest of points.

    22. Patterned fishnets that'll slither their way into your weekly outfit rotation.

    23. A ~smashing~ option on those lazy days when your Victorian goth high-neck dress is at the cleaner's.

    24. A mini backpack that'll give your T-shirt and jeans a lil' lift.

    25. Tasty flex boxer briefs, lest anyone try to tell you that candy corn is the worst kind of Halloween candy. They're wrong!

    26. A gorgeous mesh dress you can use as a base for a multitude of Halloween costumes... and then wear on the reg. You're gonna drown in compliments

    27. A bloody good choker to throw on with most anything, lest anyone forget it's the best holiday everrr.

    28. A zombie-fied Vineyard Vines lewk in case you like to keep it preppy but cannot deny your inner spooky self.

    29. A Frankenstein skirt that'll make anything you wear with it feel absolutely electric next time you need to cobble together an outfit QUICK.

    30. A reaper T-shirt because maybe you'll be extremely passionate about polo in the afterlife too.

    31. Black cat earrings you'll really be feline once you see how they go with 99.9% of the things in your closet.

    32. Rhinestone hair clips with your name on them, just in case anyone has their doubts re your title.

    33. A stunning dress that'll convince you into a cult-like devotion for the indie brand that makes it.

    34. Boy briefs with my nickname on the back, should anyone inquire about them.

    35. A moody fan you should keep on hand because it's still pretty hot out!

    36. A visual representation of me on the dance floor with my friends, in case you're wondering how I'll be spending my Halloween.

    37. A next-level skeleton bracelet ife you're always worried you're coming across as a little too subtle.

    38. A glitzy crown that'll help hide how much dry shampoo's settled into your hair.

    39. And a Creature from the Black Lagoon shirt so you can finally wear something that complements your green pallor.

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