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19 Pairs Of Plus-Size Tights That People Actually Swear By

One Size Fits Most is some utter nonsense.

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1. Rainbow-hued tights that come in 51 colors and are made to comfortably fit up to 375 lbs..

Promising review: "I'm 5'8" 300 lbs. Long legs, thick, and very developed thighs and calves. Also generously proportioned in the buttocks, rounded stomach, cinched waist, and 44C in the breast. I give you these specifics to give you an idea of the challenge I experience when it comes to purchasing pantyhose. It is always a massive struggle to get them all the way up and to stay up. These are PERFECT. Not only do they fit, I even tuck them under my bra because they get that high. It's like wearing a full body Spanx. It holds very well." —SASSSS66

Price: $15 from We Love Color or $11.95+ from Amazon // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: 51 colors // Sizes: A-B, C-D, E, EE

2. Glistening shimmer tights to help you practice shine theory, literally.

Promising review: "I didn't think it was going to work. In fact, I was convinced these would be joining a drawer for of unworn, unloved hoisery. However, I really needed them to work with the outfit I'd planned and because I'm stubborn, I tried and tried and tried some more to pry these things up and over my 6' of curves. My work paid off! These hose that started by looking way too small finally gave in a stretched out to fit me (and hold me snugly!) once that work was done. These felt great on. No slipping, no sagging, no weirdness. I'm VERY pleased!" —PugMamaPDX

Price: $5.50+ from Amazon // Rating: 4.1/5 // Colors: eight colors // Sizes: M, Tall, Petite, 1X-2X, 3X-4X, 5X-6X

3. Trusty silky tights suited for every occasion, ever.

Promising review: "These are the first pair of tights I've owned that are comfortable. They keep you warm in winter, but you can still wear them in warm weather. They are just slightly sheer, depending on how far your size stretches them. I ordered the 3X and i am 5'5" and 240 lbs. They are comfortable, go up to my waist and I could've possibly went down a size, as the legs tends to sag throughout the day. But I plan on ordering more of these in the near future, I just wish they had more colors to choose from." —Bethany Broughton

Price: $6.09+ from Amazon or a four-pack for $18 from Just My Size // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: four colors (on Just My Size) // Sizes: 2X-4X


4. Ribbed tights perf for when a lackluster outfit's begging for some texture.

Promising review: "These are great plus-size tights. The fit is perfect." —Wayland

Price: $7.99 from Macy's // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: also in black // Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X, 5X-6X, QP

6. Classic Hue control-top opaques in sizes up to 5.

Promising review: "Being 5'2" and 170 lbs., I was going to order a 3 but based on other reviews here, I decided to order a size up and get a 4 and I'm glad that I did! These tights fit like a dream. They're soft and stretchy and do a pretty good job at being opaque except in the obvious areas where you stretch them, like the knees. Putting them on, I thought that they might be small because the waistband was small but it stretches beautifully! The control top really does a good job of smoothing out my tummy and I've been sitting here for the past five hours and the waistband hasn't rolled down on me one bit. Stretching out the waistband, you could probably fit in another 14" inches on the waist and butt maybe. If you're not sure what size to get, always order a size or two up from the size chart. Worst case scenario is that you'll have just a little bit darker shade of tights from the material not being stretched out all the time. Worked well for me!" —Michelle H

Price: $8+ from Amazon // Rating: 4.2/5 // Sizes: 1-5 // Colors: 10 colors

7. Sexy floral-front tights that'll show off your gams -- even when it's frigid outside.

Promising review: "Best firing pair of tights I own. I will buy more so that I have enough for all winter dresses. Sexy and comfortable!" —Ljm9

Price: $14.17 from Torrid // Rating: 4/5 // Sizes: 1/2, 3/4


8. Intricately patterned tights with an over-the-knee twist to classic fishnet.

Promising review: "Cute cute cute! They fit great too. I am a 22/24, 3X in ModCloth and these still have stretch room. Very comfy." —Amber

Price: $14.99 from ModCloth (final sale) // Rating: 5/5 // Sizes: One Size Plus

9. Cozy solid microfiber tights that you can wash over and over and over again.

Promising review: "I bought these tights just a couple of weeks ago and they are, by far, the best pair of tights I've ever worn. I was worried they would lighten up toward the top of my thighs and over my butt, (I'm a size 20 in pants so this is usually what goes down), but they actually stayed super dark! These tights are totally worth buying!" —Rosalynn123

Price: $14.17 from Torrid // Rating: 5/5 // Sizes: 1/2, 3/4

10. Blackout 80-denier tights for when your legs could be blue for all anyone knows.

Promising review: "Very comfy waistline and truly blackout, (my thick black and gray tattoos don't show through at all)!" —MCN

Price: $5.68+ from Amazon // Rating: 5/5 // Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X

11. Vibrant, saturated control-top tights for a bold look.

Promising review: "These tights are opaque and comfortable. I ordered one size up, as I was concerned about the control top rolling over. They are opaque, very comfortable, the control top is not overly tight, and they roll only rarely. I've washed and worn several times and the fabric still seems in very good shape. A good buy!" —TanteL

Price: $5.50+ on Amazon or $11 from Macy's // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: seven // Sizes: P, M, Tall, 1X-2X, 3X-4X, 5X-6X


12. Reinforced-toe tights that'll leave you feeling like a smooth criminal.

Promising review: "Finally a comfortable pair of pantyhose for a plus-size woman! Generously sized enough to be comfortable all day, but didn't feel like they were going to bag around my ankles, (they didn't). The suntan is a nice, natural color and didn't have any problems with them snagging, though they're fine enough that you're really only going to get two to three wears out of them even with hand washing in a lingerie bag. They're priced right though, so that really wasn't an issue for me." —redhead

Price: $3.97+ from Amazon // Rating: 4.1/5 // Colors: three colors // Sizes: 3X-4X

13. Colorful, easy on tights with a waistband that won't feel like a torture device.

Promising review: "I took the larger size just in case, (even if, according to the chart, I should have taken a smaller size). It was a good idea. The tights are beautiful! The color is flashy, but not too much. The picture does show the actual color well. They are comfortable and fit well." —Galilée

Price: $6.45+ from Amazon // Rating: 4.1/5 // Colors: six colors // Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X-, 5X-6X, QP

14. 70-denier matte tights that are still neutral without being plain ole opaque black.

Promising review: "These tights are exactly what I wanted. The thickness is as pictured, colors are true, and they fit well. I've worn them several times without a run so far." —IloveStLCards

Price: $7.99+ from Macy's // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: also in black // Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X, 5X-6X, QP

15. A six-pack of fishnet stockings for when solid tights just won't do.

Promising review: "I am 5'9" 235 lbs. and purchased the 3X/4X. I could have likely gotten away with a 1X/2X but I'm leaving room for shrinkage when washed. I'm able to pull these things up all the way to under my breasts! That just goes to show that the size isn't an issue to be concerned with if you are outside of my height and weight mentioned. The material isn't flimsy. These stockings are MORE than worth the price. Again, as far as fishnets are concerned, I'm usually running into issues with the seamless ones ripping in the crotch area. At the moment of this review, I can honestly say I feel very comfortable that if I get in and out of my vehicle, I won't feel that awkward rip you feel when fishnets rip down there. Ha!" —Roxee

Price: $22.99 from Amazon // Rating: 4.3/5 // Sizes: S/M, M/L, 1X-2X, 3X-4X


17. Diamond-net tights in your pick of colors.

Promising review: "They are cute and fit! Usually when I order tights online, they don't make it past my thigh. But these fit -- the netting is large but that's OK. I like variety in my wardrobe. Plus, I can wear them with open-toe shoes." —Dayna N.

Price: $9.99 from Amazon // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: four colors // Sizes: One Size Plus

19. And some crotchless fishnet tights for extracurriculars.

Promising review: "I was quite pleased to have tried them on and they fit nicely. No struggles, hassles like regular panty hose. Plus, they are soft and comfortable. The price is reasonable with free shipping. They make my 55-year-old short 'fluffy' legs look great! I see this being a big hit with my man, as well." —Lyn

Price: $5.39 from Amazon // Rating: 4/5 // Sizes: One Size Plus

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