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24 Adorable Products That Are Perfect For Picky Eaters

Now eat your peas!

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12. Slice and dice fruit, sandwiches, and other good stuff into shapes with FunBites to fool yourself into eating well.

Sad desk lunch no more!

Get the set from Amazon for $29. / Available in five color/shape combos.


18. Make any drink a little more colorful (and appealing) with BPA-free rainbow silicon straws.

Need a longer straw to reach the depths of your smoothie? The curved part detaches and can be added to the bottom of another straw.

Get the set from Amazon for $10.95.

22. Give fruit a whirl in the blender before pouring it into these dino-shaped popsicle molds for a healthy, cold treat.

Just don't let them melt because you're cooing over them instead of eating them.

Get the set from Amazon for $20.99.


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