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24 Adorable Products That Are Perfect For Picky Eaters

Now eat your peas!

1. Turn any meal into an adventure with a superhero-themed dinner winner tray.

2. Divvy up parts of plates for no-touching(!) sides with food safe-silicone plate dividers.

3. Incite a giggle fit by trimming off crust with a poop-emoji cookie cutter.

4. Create a packed lunch so cute you'll have to Instagram it with panda pocket bread cutters.

5. Make hard- or soft-boiled eggs look like something almost too cute to eat with these animal pal presses.

6. Dig into less-than-appetizing dishes with building-block utensils.

7. Make a salad kid-friendly with BPA-free veggie cutters.

8. Pack a lunchbox with zoo-themed pick forks that will be the envy of the cafeteria.

9. Bake healthy muffins in heart-shaped doughnut pans.

10. Food prep en masse without tainting one dish with another thanks to these compartment lunch containers.

11. Blast off with some rocket utensils that will turn dinner into playtime.

12. Slice and dice fruit, sandwiches, and other good stuff into shapes with FunBites to fool yourself into eating well.

13. One-up the butcher paper coloring tablecloth with an FDA-approved reusable coloring placemat.

14. Stash lunch in an adorable panda bento box to enliven even the most boring entrée.

15. Channel your Star Wars obsession during meals with an insulated R2-D2 thermos kit that lights up and makes noise.

16. If you haven't already, invest in an easy-to-use countertop spiralizer as a cool way to eat more veggies.

17. And transform carrots into edible garnishes with this simple vegetable peeler.

18. Make any drink a little more colorful (and appealing) with BPA-free rainbow silicon straws.

19. Add a little more substance to a dish with a penguin rice-shaping kit.

20. Transform a ho-hum PB&J into a piece of art with this novelty crust-cutter set.

21. Prep healthy snacks to tote around in cute snack containers.

22. Give fruit a whirl in the blender before pouring it into these dino-shaped popsicle molds for a healthy, cold treat.

23. Brew the perfect cup of tea that you have to pay a month's rent on at a fancy store with a shark tea infuser.

24. Encourage kids to maneuver their own utensils with this fun constructive eating set.

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