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    30 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings They're Sure To Say "I Do" To

    Find something your beau will dig! From amethysts to emeralds to moonstones to (gasp!) cubic zirconia!

    1. A gorgeous cluster that'll be a winner for anyone whose favorite color is purple.

    2. A leafy set more or less made for the person who's already sent you a million Pinterest boards about fall weddings.

    3. A topaz and gold creation you can pair with all sorts of pretty gems when it comes time to pick out a wedding band.

    4. A rainbow moonstone solitaire with an organic but polished look full of details that won't be *too* flashy.

    5. A hammered band you can customize with several widths for a perfect fit for your perfect person.

    6. A refined option with a stone that'll look nearly as blue and gorgeous as their eyes.

    7. An art deco looker people may just stop them to ask about on the street.

    8. A meteorite ring for a look that'll be outta this world.

    9. A bright cocktail ring you can get in their favorite color because this is about you guys and no one else!

    10. A delicate aquamarine dream they'll be so impressed you snagged on Etsy!

    11. A minimalist band with some low-key ornamentation, in case your boo could care less about any stone.

    12. A blue topaz number set in sterling silver for a surprisingly affordable option that'll dazzle.

    13. A prismatic band to satisfy those whose multi-faceted jewelry taste doesn't include gems.

    14. A pink morganite oval cut for an elegant, pretty option.

    15. A pearl ring as a stone alternative that'll always look like a classic.

    16. A raw stone option to prove you don't need the shine factor to stun.

    17. A morganite solitaire with a rose gold infinity band you won't help but congratulate yourself over and over again for picking.

    18. An aqua wonder ready to make them forget about all the other colors.

    19. A goth-leaning number as something that'll look anything but ordinary.

    20. A green sapphire available in a variety of tones and gold options as be a custom choice within reach.

    21. A white sapphire look for the person who has your heart forever and ever.

    22. A customizable ring you know will be unlike anything else out there.

    23. A crystal-encrusted love bird with a triple threat secret your bae can show off to everyone within view.

    24. An amethyst ensnared in branches for a fairytale twist on a solitaire setting.

    25. A rose gold eternity band set with cubic zirconia that'll serve as a budget-friendly take on a gorgeous style.

    26. A vibrant emerald stacker everyone may just slobber over, so maybe have a bib at the ready when you propose?

    27. A smoky quartz vintage style everyone will assume is a family heirloom — maybe it'll become one!

    28. A cubic zirconia beaut to satisfy someone who doesn't want you to spend the coin on a diamond but still digs the look.

    29. An unexpected modern mix of a white sapphire, hammered band, and rose gold to make for a unique choice that'll stand the test of time.

    30. A moonstone dazzler with a smattering of diamonds (we won't tell!) to draw attention to the main attraction.

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