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19 Lazy Ways To Clean Up Your Beauty Messes

Hair did, nails did, bathroom sink still spotless.

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Sometimes more makeup ends up on bathroom countertops than your on your face. Here's how to keep that from happening.

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At least until you're finished with the world and your fake eyelashes.


4. Streamline your morning routine by stashing your daily essentials on a grid organizer that you can throw back in a drawer once you're ready.

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Pro stylist Matt Fugate (who's had his hands on Lena Dunham's, Blake Lively's, and lots of other famous celebs' hair) swears by his Grid-It! organizer for traveling with his scissors.

Get it from The Container Store for $19.99.

Get the beautifying oil from Kerastase for $58.

6. Marie Kondo the shit out of the beauty products you never use. Your main squeeze lipsticks deserve their proper space.

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Check the expiration dates on your discards, and if they're still OK to use, pass them on to loving homes with your friends.


Unconvinced? See the duo in action.

Instagram: @vera_mona

11. Stash (the rest of) your everyday products at home in a glam makeup bag to keep it in one spot AND keep it from wrecking the insides of your drawers.

12. Stop toting around your broken compacts in plastic sandwich bags and eliminate the mess with our trick for fixing broken makeup.

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Check out our criminally easy DIY here.

13. Efficiently remove the sink-sticking combo of makeup and micellar oil from your face with a charcoal konjac sponge that’s made for combination to oily skin.


18. Catch stuff like hair color, hairspray, and sticky styling products with this legit but cute hair cape so you won't have to clean them off your bathroom surfaces.

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