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23 Gifts The Person You Barely Know Will Totally Love

Cool -- but generic enough -- to fit the semi-acquaintances in your life from your Secret Santa to your sister's terrible boyfriend.

1. Spark a (faux) deeper connection with the person whose whole personality is going to the gym with this flexin' candle.

2. Fake being suuuuper personal by giving a cheap-and-chic perfume sample set that gives the wearer a credit for a full-size bottle if they dig one of the sample scents.

3. Make library and bookstore hauls easier for the person who hosts your book club and you know zilch about otherwise with this library card tote and pouch.

4. Offer up this pretty artist palette tray that's suited for all levels of entertaining -- from a wine-and-cheese party to watching the game with a personal batch of pizza rolls.

5. Boost a crafty acquaintance's DIY prowess with this cute animal multi-tool that's small enough to slip into a pocket.

6. Crowd out boring magnets on a party host's fridge with these whimsical ones, that is if they dig nudity and booze.

7. Let them get crafty (making useful OR decorative guitar picks) with this guitar pick punch if anytime you ask them about music they say they like "all kinds."

8. Set the coffee o'clock tweeter up for eating/drinking success with a pair of these face mugs that'll let them double fist hot drinks and treats.

9. Soak up drink condensation with these egg cork coasters that'll suit anyone who swears they're a "total Jess!" Y'know, like from New Girl.

10. Satisfy the rando in your crew's group text that always replies "YAAASSSS" with this all-too-approps-keychain.

11. Bring along this cute tea towel set to a neighbor's annual holiday party, which is the only time you ever see this person.

12. Occupy kids with unknown interests for hours with this glow-in-the-dark putty.

13. Have your pick of not one, but two(!), outhouse calendars for the annoying uncle who always tells potty jokes over family get-togethers.

14. Knight yourself the new fave relative with the cousin who you could set your clock by their social media posts for #winewednesday with this "adult" bev glass.

15. Slip this Snow White makeup pouch to your parents' neighbor (that'll corner you at the neighborhood party when you're home) whose defining Facebook characteristic is sharing every story about reimagined Disney princesses.

16. Find an approp present for the person in your life who wouldn't be caught dead without a knit cap -- even in July -- with this festive sequin beret.

17. Encourage an extended relative who can barely tear their eyes away from game consoles to expand their horizons with a video game puzzle.

18. Bring a little green into your coworker's life whose Instagram feed is exclusively #wanderlust pics but you suspect they never leave their apartment with an all-in-one flower or herb kit.

19. Pass along this inspirational mug to the friend you barely know anymore because they're always off-the-grid in the great outdoors (until they Instagram their hiking pics).

20. Provide the person with allllll the ~inspirational~ social media quotes a peg board kit so they can DIY their own.

21. Add some luster to a beauty-obsessed colleague's collection with this jewel beauty set that includes a hand cream and lip balm.

22. Leave a lasting impression with this bike paperweight for the person you only chat up when they're rolling by on their bike.

23. Make your block an even prettier place when you give your neighbor who's always in the rose garden these heavy-duty gloves.

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