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    There's A Major Sale On KitchenAid Mixers At Target And Now I'm Going To Make You 6 Pounds Of Mashed Potatoes Because I Can

    Get 'em while the getting is good! There's deals on mixers in three sizes, a spiralizer attachment, blender, and compact oven!

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    We all have those holy grail products that are out of reach for our *normal* budget...but we hope that one day, perhaps, they'll go on sale.


    If your personal holy grail item is a KitchenAid mixer, DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU. They're on sale at Target for $279.99 (that's $70 OFF)!


    She is beauty, she is grace, she has a tilted head and a 4.5-quart capacity that'll make dozens of cookie in a single batch or 6 lbs. of mashed potatoes. NOM. Oh and she's available in FOUR COLORS.

    Features: adjustable speed control, removable bowl, variable speed, tilt-back head

    Yep, they're totally worthy of an investment. These things get passed down through generations. (I know folks who use the mixer that their mom bought before they crawled this earth!


    Just think of all the mixed-up, wonderful possibilities! For example, here's a recipe about how to make butter by the pound.

    But if you're thinking, "Where would I find the room?" There's also a 3.5-quart model (perfect for apartments!) that'll run you $200 ($50 OFF)!


    Get yourself a small but mighty mixer you can store on your kitchen windowsill. It has a 20% smaller footprint and 25% lighter design compared to full-size KitchenAid tilt-head stand mixers. The powerful model makes up to five dozen cookies in a single batch like the bigger ones and is strong enough to whip cream or bread dough. Aka, it's no wimp. Also, this lil' bb is available in nine colors.

    Features: adjustable speed control, tilt-back head, attachment hub, soft start

    Maybe you're the go big or go home type? FYI, the 5-quart mixer is also on sale for $359.20 (almost $90 OFF)!


    It works with 10+ attachments (like the one you see here) and because it's on sale, you can put the extra cash toward said attachments! Oh, and I know you're wondering, it comes in three colors.

    Features: removable bowl, bowl lift, soft start, all metal drive system, adjustable speed control

    But perhaps you already have a mixer and stan KitchenAid? Welp, there are lots of other things on sale too:

    Like that ^ spiralizer attachment for $79.99 ($20 OFF)!


    Have you ever used a hand spiralizer? They're nightmares.

    This one has four quick-change blades, and a peeling blade. And it's dishwasher-safe so you can throw it in with your dirty dishes while your famous apple pie bakes.

    A certified refurbished blender for $39.99 ($60 OFF)!


    It has five speeds and can crush ice, which many blenders are *supposed* to do but don't. You can snag it in black or red.

    And a super powerful compact oven for $103.99 ($26 OFF)!


    This will be quicker and easier to bake stuff in than your conventional oven. And it uses a lot less energy! The possibilities of tasty treats and a lower energy bill are most definitely good things.

    Features: crumb tay, dual position rack slots, keep warm feature, see-through window, timer

    Time to take advantage of these deals and get cooking (and baking and whipping and mashing and spiralizing)!

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    And just in case you need more convincing, Here's Why You Should Buy A KitchenAid Mixer.

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