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37 Ways To Disguise The Ugliest Parts Of Your Home

People are going to think you run a lifestyle blog (or something).

1. Stash random items in a trio of shelf-friendly box for a handsome storage distraction.

2. Cover door dings and marks with chalkboard paint in the garage.

3. Paint a drop cloth as a cheerful outdoor rug to hide stained concrete or ugly patio surfaces.

4. Turn unsightly wires into an ~extension~ of your flooring with this modern cord keeper.

5. Upgrade a plain light-switch cover with Mod Podge and a copy of a page from your favorite book.

6. Freshen up a printed upholstered chair with paint and fabric medium.

7. Transform a throwaway vinyl chair with the help of specialty spray paint.

8. Mount a surge protector and coil up cords on hooks underneath a desk to fight visual cord clutter.

9. Scribble away rusty furniture hardware with a metallic Sharpie.

10. Keep embarrassing beauty products anonymous with elegant, clear dispensers.

11. And transfer laundry cleaning products to pretty storage containers for a streamlined, minimalist-pleasing look.

12. Stash grass-stained shoes in an entry bench with drawers that'll hide gross footwear.

13. Mask a popcorn finish or water stains by draping scarves with thumbtacks.

14. Turn your dog's crate into a design accent with a regal cover worthy of a discerning monarch.

15. Give your cat (or dog) some privacy and disguise the litter box with a nightstand/cathouse combo.

16. Cleverly hide your paper towels with this handsome crown-molding shelf.

17. Camouflage a smelly septic vent in the garden with a birdbath.

18. Repaint and reupholster an OG folding chair for a whimsical new look.

19. Cover a hideous tile backsplash with paint for an update that doesn't require hiring a pro.

20. Mask chain-link fences with a convincing roll of artificial ivy.

21. Overhaul a dated fireplace with spray paint in just one day.

22. Cover exposed screws on Ikea shelves with spiffed-up paint stirrers.

23. Tuck pool and gardening chemicals in a weather-safe storage shed that'll keep it safe, dry.

24. Cover up a paint-color fail with worldly maps and pushpins.

25. Conceal a thermostat or security system by hanging a canvas wall art piece on hinges.

26. Stash your trash and recycling beneath the counter with a rolling system.

27. Fake a granite finish on a laminate countertop with a paint kit.

28. Corral hair tools in a hangable carrier you can store under the sink when not in use.

29. Block a utility panel from view with a pallet-ish cover that won't get you in hot water with your utility company.

30. Give an old appliance a sleek stainless-steel look without forking over a ton of cash by covering it in contact paper.

31. Craft a woven wall hanging to cover up wall dings in a rental or until you can repaint.

32. Find a happy medium between a pedestal sink and vanity by fitting a specially designed cabinet around the sink base.

33. Add crown molding and trim to an Ikea bookcase and paint the back a bold color for a pricey custom look.

34. Make a drum pendant ceiling light fixture cover-up that won't compromise your relationship with your landlord.

35. Hide an oddly placed light switch in plain sight by making it the center of a gallery wall.

36. Disguise wire shelving as floating wood shelves that you can take with you when you leave.

37. Mask dated shower doors by hanging curtains.

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