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    26 Small Tips To Make Your Home Office Look So Much Better

    Even if your couch is functioning as the home office.

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    1. Tuck stray cords outta the way with cable clip organizers because there's no need to see OR trip over the your phone charger cord every time you stand up to fill up your glass of water.

    close up of mountable cable clips

    2. While we're on the subject of cords, mask your power strip in a sleek (but ventilated!) box because of course your home office is in the room that only has one outlet. This'll also help deter pets and kids from messing with the cords. Or at least a bit.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    3. Soften up a hard office chair with a faux-sheepskin rug that'll also hide all sorts of coffee stains. You and I both know it's a random chair no one else uses anyway and *that's* why it's your office chair. (No shame in that.)

    4. Tidy up a modem-y mess by hiding it behind a bookish disguise as a decorative touch that's more useful than anyone could expect. It's super strategic of you to work closely to the Internet access but it isn't quite fitting your aesthetics.

    before pic of modems out in the open and then after pic of row of faux books hiding the modem

    5. Liven things up a bit with a colorful keyboard cover that'll *also* serve as some insurance for some in-the-middle-of-writing-an-email coffee spill.

    blue key keyboard cover

    6. Or if you're more of a minimalist, keep a jar of cleaning goo handy that'll help get down in between keyboard keys and erase the woes of that grilled cheese you ate for lunch.

    person using the cleaning goo to get in between keyboard keys

    7. Buy yourself (literally) some extra book storage space with these floating bookshelves as straight-up compliment bait. Chatting about that bestseller within your Zoom meeting view just may make for the least awkward small talk while you wait for everyone to join the meeting.

    8. Zhuzh up that (essential box of tissues) with a minimalist tissue box cover that'll bring some whimsy to your WFH setup. I have this and just love it!

    house-shaped white square tissue box cover on a stack of books

    9. Create a sense of space (or mask water stains on a hand-me-down desk) with a reversible waterproof desk mat to turn most any table into your WFH space. Plus it just looks so nice!

    10. Put down a cozy area rug with a low pile that'll still let your office chair scoot around as needed. Having a nice home office setting will help spike that cup of ambition on your commute from the kitchen to the (home) office.

    off white rug with black X design on it

    11. Designate an area for notes with a monitor memo board so your desktop doesn't turn into a patchwork of sticky notes. Cute for a quilt, not for your workspace.

    Clear plastic memo board attached to a computer monitor with a photo, three sticky notes and a lip with a cell phone on it

    12. Plus a glass dry-erase desktop whiteboard for the really important notes. *Oh* and it contains a drawer to help with tidying.

    The dry erase board with the words "Isn't this fabulous?!!!" written out on it

    13. Invest in a faux houseplant you can just admire without having to worry about actually taking care of it. Let's concentrate on your water intake.

    14. Swap out that random souvenir sports game cup for an insulated water bottle or a motivational water bottle so you can stay hydrated while looking a little more put-together when you've gotta take a sip on a video meeting.

    15. Stick on a hidden drawer to buy yourself some extra space within reach for the stuff you only need to have on hand sometimes.

    Closeup of a small rectangular drawer under a desk with assorted pens and an eraser inside

    16. Create a spot for reminders with a cute desk calendar that'll help you remember which day is which.... "It's a day that ends in -y, so I'm wearing sweatpants."

    desk calendar with a succulent motif

    17. Park your trusty headphones on a desktop stand while not in use. No hunting for them later!

    minimalist black headphone stand

    18. Or clamp on an under-desk hook so your headphone storage won't take up any desk space.

    19. Stick a motivational sticker (with some actual decent advice) on your laptop or somewhere you can constantly see it as a colorful reminder.

    hand holding up a colorful sticker that says "progress over perfection"

    20. Free up some space with a printer stand that'll fit underneath your desk...or just about anywhere that isn't taking up space on your desk.

    A two-tier shelf with a printer on the top shelf and a stack of paper on the bottom shelf under a desk

    21. Invest in a selfie ring light to make sure you have the optimal amount of light for all those meetings that are now video meetings.

    22. Park stuff you want within reach on an adjustable wood shelf for a lovely, but useful, display.

    The shelf in black with books organized in two shelves on the right and small plants, a clock, and other trinkets in shelves on the left

    23. If you're working with a bookshelf, file away papers in an expanding file folder that'll hold up to 200 pieces of paper.

    purple accordion folder with smiley face being pulled from bookshelf

    24. If you're shelf-less, mount a hanging set of rainbow folders so you can quickly grab items as you need them. Plus it'll make for a cheery pop of color!

    organizer hanging on wall

    25. Or if you can spare a little bit of floor space, get a rolling cart – it can hold all sorts of odds and ends, even the ones you use once in a blue moon.

    26. And if you still don't have a proper desk (relatable!) a wall-mounted cabinet with a fold down desk large enough for a laptop will give you a designated spot without hogging too much space.

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