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27 Products To Make Any Horse Girl's Dreams Comes True

These'll get your neigh of approval.

1. A pair of foal earrings that'll let you take a horse with you everywhere -- minus the whinnying.

2. A barn or horse face clock to keep time 'til you can pet another pony.

3. A plush Palomino for snuggling with in your bed while your IRL equine is dozing for the night.

4. Or a horse body pillow for some ~lifelike~ equine spooning.

5. A pair of show-horse tats to share with a friend that isn't an actual horse.

6. A stirrup necklace that'll give any ensemble a leg up.

7. A fragrance inspired by cowboys standing under an open sky, or something like that.

8. A lace-up top that looks like it's worn-in from galloping across open fields.

9. Some cute wellies for stomping through mud for feeding time.

10. A shampoo-and-conditioner duo that proves BFFs can share hair care products.

11. And a top-rated tough detangling brush for helping each other tackle knots.

12. A colorful silhouette pillow for dressage-ing up your couch.

13. An adorable hand-knit horse ornament in brown or gray.

14. An instructional book to help you draw more lifelike buds all over class notes, notebooks, and more.

15. And an adult coloring book that lets you create the jewel-tone horses of your dreams.

16. Some riding boots that are comfy on wide widths and calves.

17. A pair of horse-y socks in your pick of three different designs.

18. A whimsical horse-print tee that'll look all drapey and chic with your denim skirts.

19. And/or a pretty dress in the same horse print.

20. An amulet pouch necklace that's kinda like a saddle bag for your neck.

21. A pretty print that proves horses are super friendly while solo *or* with a BFF.

22. A Li'l Sebastian souvenir tee from when you make it to the Pawnee Harvest Festival.

23. A horse rolling pin for whipping up some post-ride cookies.

24. A western shirt you can live in while on or off a horse.

25. A horse-collar wall mirror for ensuring you're pony-perfect.

26. A leather keychain that's nearly as pricey as the real thing. Jk real horses are way more expensive than $240.

27. And a luxe Chloé saddlebag purse that you should let NOWHERE NEAR an actual horse.

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