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21 Gifts For The Person You Forgot To Buy Something For

Maybe also forget to give it to them and keep these finds for yourself.

1. A ratcheting screwdriver set housed inside a charming bear for an extremely practical, cute toolbox addition.

2. An emoji dog toy to win over a pup acquaintance and the owner.

3. And a crawling, glowing cat toy for other animal lovers.

4. A laptop USB astronaut that won't pull a Clooney on you.

5. A pair of gorgeous espresso cups that reveal a floral pattern when filled.

6. A customizable book of awesome things about the recipient that will put a smile on their face in times of need.

7. A scratch-off travel map that's like a passport for your wall.

8. A set of Star Wars pint glasses for adults.

9. A nail polish set to insert a little extra color in your regular mani rotation.

10. A pair of socks that — upon closer inspection — look like library cards.

11. A cheese-melting pan for party dipping or turning various foods into vehicles to get more cheese in your body.

12. A faux vintage camera — at a much more reasonable price — that's really a useful desktop pencil sharpener.

13. A dedicated baguette tote for keeping your bakery haul fresh 'til it experiences a swift death in your mouth.

14. A set of whimsical tea towels that anyone will adore.

15. A fuzzy long scarf for topping off chilly ensembles.

16. A convertible wine rack that can handle a growing collection.

17. A pair of lightsaber hooks that'll ensure you don't miss where you put your stuff.

18. A bento box packed with festive, 'grammable candy.

19. An shopper tote to remind it's important to have food.

20. A matchbox set that resembles volumes of banned books.

21. And a bubble-wrap calendar that lets you pop off daily (in a positive way).

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