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23 Gifts For People Who Love "Absolutely Fabulous"

Whatever I choose is cool because I am cool.

1. A couple of Patsy and Edina Lego lookalikes that'll fly under Saffy's watchful radar.

2. A look-at-me tank for picking up some young male models.

3. Some wall art that will sound appetizing to even Patsy.

4. A pair of Edina-style leggings to wear with your oversized tees.

5. A full series set -- in fab packaging -- for revisiting every moment.

6. A cross-stitch pattern to ward off pesky offspring.

7. A folding tote in a watermelon or floral print you picked up from Strand Books when you dropped in to see Serge.

8. A dated crop top that'll make your friends coo, "Sweetie, darling!"

9. A Patsy notebook that shows you're scarily efficient.

10. A champagne cooler so your bubbly will always be at the perfect guzzling temp.

11. A Patsy-perfect white blazer for looking like you have your shit together instead living in your friend's utility closet.

12. And an Edina-style sequin bomber for watching your nemesis accept an award at the annual PR awards luncheon.

13. A poster as a daily reminder of appropriate guidance.

14. A tee to sport while you're landing the hot new PR account.

15. A set of prayer candles with Saint Saffy because she's probably the one that'll actually answer your prayers, anyway.

16. A plush dolphin to match the live one in your bathroom's relaxing swimming tank.

17. A little Lacroix for your wrist. Lacroix, sweetie!

18. A vodka tee to remind you of the airplane bottle you left hidden in your hair.

19. A better version of Eddie's go-to black topper. (Shhh, don't tell her.)

20. A wristlet for when the real champs (hopefully never) runs out.

21. A pair of knockers Edina would proudly wear.

22. An Adidas by Stella sweat-wicking tee that you'll just wear while Stella's not around.

23. And a festive card for everyone in your life who's not a bitch troll from hell.

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