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31 Gifts For Folks Who Like To Feel Warm And Cozy From The Inside Out

Just fill 'em up with soup and drinking chocolate, then throw a blanket/hoodie on 'em.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it. 

1. A pack of Cadbury hot chocolate canisters for a cozy, sippable gift they'll wanna buy wholesale after they have their first mug.

A customer review photo of the canister of Cadbury drinking chocolate

2. A cozy blanket sweatshirt spotted on Shark Tank that your pal can wear at home (or on trips through the drive-thru) that is more or less a more acceptable way of wrapping yourself up in a blanket.

3. A faux-sheepskin rug they can throw on a chair seriously lacking in comfort, at the foot of their couch, or in a number of spots!

white faux sheepskin rug on a wicker armchair

4. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that'll help spice up and drastically improve the taste of about anything they eat.

the bottle of the honey drizzling on a pepperoni pizza

5. A teddy coat to keep 'em nice 'n' toasty while also looking super stylish. Win-win!

6. A rechargeable hand warmer with double-sided heat and three different heat settings because their feet and hands are always freezing.

7. Soft faux-fur slippers built for folks who like to let their toes breathe while scooting around the house or taking a stroll to the mailbox.

8. Or a pair of fleece-lined memory foam slippers in case you're pretty sure you've never seen their toes (even in the summer!) because their feet are always cold.

reviewer wearing the slippers, which have a white sherpa lining and a black and white speckle pattern

9. A faux-fur throw blanket — it'll help cozy up any sitting spot.

faux fur blanket thrown over a chair

10. A blanket scarf because your pal is *always* cold and they've been eyeing your very own twin to this scarf.

11. An outta-this-world patch sweatshirt for the alien obsessed (or just curious). Just brace yourself to hear some ~theories~ upon them opening this gift.

12. An Instant Pot – it can handle nine (!!!!) kitchen tasks in one precious lil' appliance body so a HOT dinner's ready as soon as they walk in the door. Reviewers call it their "secret weapon," which I guess isn't so secret anymore. Psst, this is great whether you eat meat or not!

13. And a dishwasher-safe silicone soup cube tray that'll hold one cup of delicious hot entrees like soup/chili/stew/sauce per cube so they can freeze and then reheat it later.

The silicone tray filled with soup next to a bowl with one of the frozen squares

14. Cozy knee-high socks because the '90s are back BAY-BEE, even though you two have been mimicking Cher and Dionne's style since you were able to dress yourself.

three models wearing knee high cable knit style socks

15. A winter hat that somehow looks good on everyone, which'll increase the number of days they'll spray dry shampoo on their dirty hair, wear a cute hat, and call it a stylish day.

16. Ugg's classic ultra-mini booties to keep their old dogs feeling warm and comfy.

17. Some Crocs lined with faux fur to keep their little piggies nice and toasty. And yes, they're good to wear inside *or* outside.

18. Some mules lined in faux fur to look super photogenic while they're posing on their front porch beside all their cute seasonal decor.

closeup of model wearing a slip on leather mule with socks

19. A ~wild~ pullover fleece as an oh so cozy layering piece to add to their wardrobe.

model wearing pullover leopard print fleece

20. And an ice cream pint cozy so their paws don't freeze while they dig into that pint. Even ppl who love to be cozy occasionally go for ice cream!

ice cream pint with a coozie on it that says "spoon me"

21. A tortilla blanket that'll make them feel cozy on the outside like a burrito makes them feel cozy on the inside. You wanna go and get burritos?

22. A set of s'mores sticks to *safely* reach closer to the firepit so they'll achieve the perfect level of toasted on that marshmallow. It's extremely important!

two pronged sticks with wooden handle spears marshmallow and hotdog
reviewers roast marshmallow over bonfire in backyard

Promising review: "These roasting sticks will get the job done. They retract easily and will be perfect for light use (roasting marshmallows) with our firepit. Not extremely sturdy but not flimsy either. The metal points are not sharp which is a good thing if kids are handling them. I like the storage pouch it comes with too." —Sheri J. O

Get a set of five from Amazon for $8.48+ (available in four quantities).

Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

23. Cute lil' tea bag holders that'll stick around as helpers. No more soggy tags from tea bags ruining their beverage.

tea mug with the snail shape holders on the edge to tie your tea bag string around

24. A compact coffee warmer so they won't have to microwave that cup of joe to get it back to the perfect temp it was before they started tackling that inbox.

black disc-shape coffee warmer with coffee mug on it

25. A milk frother to help them whip up all the delish hot coffee drinks they're always sending you on Instagram and TikTok.

26. A rechargeable lighter for the candle fiend who loves a fragrant, cozy vibe but who also can't get enough gadgets (two things can be the truth at once!). Lighter fluid? I don't know her.

27. A pair of fleece-lined joggers that'll feel like someone sewed their favorite blanket to the inside of their favorite sweatpants.

28. A towel warmer that'll make them feel like they're living in the lap of luxury...and make leaving the shower a whole lot easier.

29. A plush double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set if they've said out loud "I wish this fuzzy blanket came in a comforter" to you. Turns out, you were taking NOTES.

the off white faux fur duvet set on a bed

30. A hot-sauce-making kit that'll pump up their love of all things spicy to a whole other level that'll make you and their fam sweat.

the hot sauce making kit

31. And a rainbow-dot afghan blanket PDF pattern if they're of the crafty variety and love to make warm and cozy things.

afghan quilt with white border and rows of gradient colorful dots

Here's to upping your pals' cozy and comfort level: