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27 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Gross Bathroom ASAP

Say you're at the spa this weekend when you're really staycationing in your ultra-glam bath.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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1. Make lengthy tub stays comfier on your back and neck with this spa bath pillow that has seven(!) suction cups to prevent slippage. Plus, it's waterproof and really easy to clean.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+. / Available with two (shown) or three panels.

2. Pump in soothing, spa-like atmospheric tunes or just drown out your own horrible singing with a water-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker.

Our condolences to your roommates.

Get it from Amazon for $20.79.

3. Squeeze in a lidded corner trash can that looks more like a sculpture than a receptacle for your dirty cotton swabs.

Get it from Amazon for $10+. / Available in eight colors.

4. Boost your mood by bringing in a pretty container plant that's meant to thrive in a humid environment.

Emilia Jane Photography / Via

Some good plant picks include Orchids, Peace Lilies, Bamboo, and Spider Plants. See the whole enviable home tour on The Everygirl.

Get a four-tier bamboo shelf (for potted plants, other stuff) from Amazon for $39.99.

5. Get the bidet experience without the required construction with this self-cleaning nozzle attachment that installs on your regular old toilet.

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

6. Swap your inherited towel bars with this DIY lucite towel bar because nothing screams luxury like clear stuff.

Read the full tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

Or get a similar curtain rod (with hardware) from Urban Outfitters for $34.

7. Park it while you soak up the steam or shave your legs on an easy clean bamboo shower bench.

Get it from Wayfair for $40.99.

8. Liven up the inside of a plain medicine cabinet with peel-and-stick wallpaper that you can take with you when you move. / Via

Read the full tutorial on Design Improvised.

Get a 24x48 tile of removable wallpaper from Canvas on Demand for $37.99.

9. Pour your favorite hand soap and lotion into this elegant oil can–style soap pump set. No one'll know its source is a economy size hand bottle.

Get them from Target for $18.99.

10. Replace the plain rectangle mirror that was there when you moved in with a pretty wall mirror.

Get it from Target for $37.99.

11. Make a runny rose feel like a chance to appreciate some art with this house-shape tissue-box cover.

"Oh, this old thing? I eyed it at Art Basel and HAD to have it!"

Get it from Amazon for $7.36. / Available in three colors.

12. Play it cool with this minimalist toothbrush holder that'll make you want to leave out your dental cleaning tools.

Get it from Anthropologie for $12. / Available in two colors.

13. Opt for a show-stealing shower curtain in a cool print like these cactus or zodiac winners.,

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $59 and $39.

14. Free up room in the shower from cumbersome toiletry caddies with this pocketed shower liner that's easily hidden behind your pretty shower curtain.

Get it from Amazon for $16.84.

15. Extend the life of your fancy soap with this elegant soap dish that drains water in between uses to prevent wasteful mush.

Get it from Amazon for $6.46.

16. Soak into complete relaxation with a bathtub caddy that doesn't add bulk, just room for the essentials like a book, glass of wine, and soap.

Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

17. Take some extra time toweling off while standing on a cushy memory-foam bath mat that's super-absorbant.

Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99. / Available in seven colors.

18. Add an adjustable, no-fog shaving mirror to your shower routine to prevent nicks and enable thorough pore examinations.

"Why yes, I had the best facial this weekend."

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

19. Hide an unsightly cleaning essential in plain sight with a streamlined, compact toilet brush.

Get it from Amazon for $15.99. / Available in three colors.

20. Stash dirty towels and other unmentionables in this pretty indigo Shibori hamper that only looks expensive.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $39. / Also available in peach Shibori, Kali print, black and white grid, and blue marble.

21. Swap out your old hand towels for this ikat-floral towel for a steal.

Get it from Amazon for $4.77. / Also available in a fingertip towel and bath towel.

22. Hide the stuff you need — but is really ugly — nearby in this nice little wall-mount cabinet that makes good use of the space above your toilet.

Get it from Amazon for $40.49.

23. Overcome shower-curtain snags while you're trying to get in and out in a jiffy with easy-glide shower rings that also make for easier curtain or liner removal for cleaning.

Coordinate the rings with the finish of your bathroom fixtures for a cohesive look.

Get a set of 12 from Amazon for $6.71+. / Available in brushed nickel (shown), chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

24. Turn a shower into a spa treatment with this aromatherapy system that dispenses essential oils directly into your shower's hot water.

Get a starter kit from Uncommon Goods for $45.

25. Stash paper goods in plain sight on this glam toilet-paper holder.

Get it from CB2 for $24.95.

26. Install a fancy two-in-one shower head that's totally within your budget.

The Delta In2ition Two-In-One Shower installs easily, has five spray patterns, and a detachable shower head that's magnetized for easier replacing.

Get it from The Home Depot for $95.

27. At the very least, just light a clean-smelling candle and close your eyes. It'll kinda be like you're in a spa with triple-filtered air pumping through the vents.

Get it from Amazon for $6.64.

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