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22 Things Every Lazy Party Host Needs

Free up your time for revelry and to maybe actually eat your own damn food.

1. Greet guests by filling an eye-catching vase with grocery-store flowers you picked up on your party shopping haul.

2. Clean your toilet and light a super-fragrant candle to make your not-that-clean bathroom smell like you gave it a scrubdown.

3. Skip decorations and criss-cross globe string lights across your ceiling to add some mood lighting.

4. Hang guests' coats on your shower rod to keep them wrinkle-free. And use it as an excuse to finally invest in some nice wood hangers.

5. Serve cheese on a marble lazy Susan that makes the spread look pricey. And use dental floss to neatly slice your cheese.

6. Buy as many apps as possible, like fruity trail mix and pimento-stuffed olives. Concentrate on making dishes for your meal instead.

Or maybe they'll call you Drunk Barefoot Contessa.

Get them from Target. $8.99 (trail mix), $1.57 (olives)

7. Whip up hot dishes ahead of time and keep them toasty in a chalkboard slow cooker for better ID-ing.

8. Don these skeleton heat-resistant gloves for easier oven handling because nothing screams DANGER HOT PLATE like bones.

9. Use a set of modern trivets that double as conversation pieces to protect everyday surfaces from hot plates.

10. Free up freezer space by buying a huge bag of ice and keeping it in a collapsible cooler for making drinks.

11. Chill a boozy concoction and water (and label accordingly) in twin beverage dispensers.

12. Set up a self-serve chilled wine station in a large galvanized tub.

13. Slip your hot-mess friends these unbreakable wine glasses that are also dishwasher-safe.

14. Let guests scribble their names on plain paper drink coasters as cheap-AF drink IDs.

15. Roll out some kraft paper as a customizable tablecloth you can toss later.

16. Make cleanup easier with festive disposable plates built for your weighty seven-layer dip recipe.

17. Or feel better with these compostable palm-leaf plates that will look bangin' with your plated feast.

18. Corral dinner rolls, fruit, bottles of condiments, straws, and everything else your guests could need in a three-tier stand as a centerpiece so you won't have to get up during the meal.

19. Cut down on dirty dishes by using your cutting board as a serving dish for the table.

20. Keep a set of salt and pepper mills on the table so guests won't feel awkward about asking for extra flavoring.

21. Plop a simple, but pretty paper-towel holder on the table to help sop up the inevitable spills because if your party is decent, guests are def going to be feelin' themselves by now.

22. And use this toast cheatsheet from the Kate Spade New York book All in Good Taste for any big "cheers" moments.

Filled with lots of other entertaining tidbits perfect for lazy people.

Get it from Kate Spade New York for $28.

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