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22 Things Every Lazy Party Host Needs

Free up your time for revelry and to maybe actually eat your own damn food.

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1. Greet guests by filling an eye-catching vase with grocery-store flowers you picked up on your party shopping haul.

No one worth inviting to your party is going to examine your flowers that closely.

Get it from ModCloth for $17.99.


4. Hang guests' coats on your shower rod to keep them wrinkle-free. And use it as an excuse to finally invest in some nice wood hangers.


10. Free up freezer space by buying a huge bag of ice and keeping it in a collapsible cooler for making drinks.

This bad boy can hold 24 cans of beer. Just like your college roommate insisted he could. (He was wrong.)

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.


18. Corral dinner rolls, fruit, bottles of condiments, straws, and everything else your guests could need in a three-tier stand as a centerpiece so you won't have to get up during the meal.

Sturdy and easy to handle, which is the title of your future memoir.

Get it from Ballard Designs for $59.

21. Plop a simple, but pretty paper-towel holder on the table to help sop up the inevitable spills because if your party is decent, guests are def going to be feelin' themselves by now.

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