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26 Dark AF Kitchen Products To Match Your Soul

'Tis a torture chamber!

1. An egg-otomically correct mold for slaying breakfast.

2. A tea kettle with a pleasant whistle that won't compete with the screaming coming from the dungeon.

3. A silicone spatula so durable you'd swear it's immortal.

4. A cat salt-and-pepper grinder that'll twist up some good luck for your homemade brews.

5. A hot-air popcorn popper with a warming tray up top for the blood of your enemies.

6. Some ghoulish flatware that's matte black, like your heart.

7. A dozen washable kitchen towels to add some variety to your all-black decor scheme, life.

8. A pair of skull ice molds to top off your elixir of choice.

9. A deceptively cute cat grater that'll rough up some cheese on your whim.

10. A pour-over coffee dripper for when you take your coffee — and everything else — black.

11. A set of ceramic coffee mugs approp for bone-chilling nights.

12. An aptly named cocktail book full of drink recipes so good you could just die.

13. An immersion blender set with its own sleek little coffin, er...case.

14. A utensil holder to double as an ice bucket when you decide to take a break from red.

15. A set of twisted glasses perf for sipping and staring into the abyss.

16. A ceramic pie bird that's a worthy sacrifice to the dessert gods.

17. A French press bound to deliver potent caffeine.

18. A pretty platter as inky as the absence of everything.

19. An opaque stoneware storage canister that'll serve as a low-key alibi for whatever's inside.

20. A monochromatic cocktail shaker set for mixing up some Corpse Revivers.

21. A granite-like cutting board that only looks as cold as your heart.

22. An egg-head mold that gives new meaning to soaking up some knowledge.

23. A set of steak knives with some real bite.

24. An ice cream scoop designed to help you murder a pint...or even a quart!

25. A tipping teacup perched as precariously as one's mortality.

26. And a limited-edition goth AF KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

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