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    27 Useful Things Under $10 That'll Help You Study

    So you can focus on the important stuff... like your indecipherable notes.

    1. Some contoured ear plugs as backup when the noise-cancelling headphones just aren't cutting it.

    2. A *free* AI-powered homework app for when you're staring a hole through a worksheet bc you're completely stumped by that equation.

    This artificial intelligence app lets you take a pic of a homework question and explains how to solve it. Aka, it's like a tutor who you know knows the correct method to walk you through it.

    Get it from iTunes or Google Play for free.

    3. Sticky notes to remind you of all the studying you need to do and the filing cabinet of dry noodles meant to fuel your late-night study seshes.

    4. And speaking of those noodles.

    5. A slim water-resistant laptop case as some peace of mind for toting around your #1 study buddy.

    6. A desktop coffee warmer so you don't have to abandon your work station to top off or heat up your cup o' joe.

    7. And a *legit* travel mug to help you concentrate on this chapter, instead of timing the coffee-shop line just right.

    8. Tassel paper clips for keeping all those handouts and graded quizzes together...because you've heard this prof reuses quiz questions on the midterm.

    9. Or perhaps some puppers to peek out from your pages and beg you to read that chapter again with their puppy dog eyes.

    10. A variety pack of erasable highlighters so you can make up a color-coded study system only *you* can decipher... and then change your mind.

    11. Reliable pens en masse... because even if you take allll your class notes on your laptop, you should never be without a solid writing utensil.

    12. Novelty pencils you can easily identify from sticky fingers.

    13. And some Lego block pencil sharpeners cute enough to never forget about.

    14. Japanese fast-food erasers that just may remind you to eat some brain food.

    15. A 16GB flash drive in case you don't want to store a bunch of PDFs and PowerPoints on your computer.

    16. A set of pencil pouches so you can put all your pens, pencils, highlighters, and other small essentials in one spot.

    17. Tabbed sticky notes as an investment to help you get back your cash on textbooks by writing on these instead.

    18. An accordion file roomy enough for old pop quizzes and handouts. but slim enough to slide into the depths of your backpack.

    19. A streamlined tablet or phone stand that'll be your third hand when you're trying to watch a tutorial and take notes at the same time.

    20. A flexible book light for when your roommate makes you turn off the overhead light but you still have a few pages left.

    21. A versatile bedside caddy to conveniently corral your study essentials for easy access when you wake up in the middle of the night and start having doubts about your exam the next morn.

    22. Roomy sweatpants so you won't be distracted by stuff like scratchy jeans or the back of your thighs sticking to your desk chair.

    23. Dry shampoo to smell (and feel) clean without showering — even if you're not basically living in the library nowadays.

    24. Cleansing facial wipes made for sensitive skin because even though you're incredibly busy, you should still take care of your skin!

    25. Travel toothbrushes to tuck into your backpack for those days when you feel like your a coffee-breathing dragon.

    26. A lightning USB cable for when you spy an outlet five feet away from the only empty seat in the coffee shop and your phone is on 10%.

    27. And a soft throw so you can be cozy without sitting on your bed and accidentally falling asleep. Again.