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    Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

    Consider your head, neck, and shoulders cradled, bbs.

    1. A hypoallergenic gel pillow with filling that stays steady as you toss and twist in all your weird sleeping positions you swear by.

    two of the pillows stacked

    2. A perfectly plush down pillow that'll eliminate the need for having to flip your pillow in the middle of the night. (Your partner will be grateful!)

    stack of pillows on bed

    3. A pregnancy pillow to prop you up in allll the right places. (I swear you can, should use this if you aren't pregnant.)

    pregnant person cradled in pregnancy body pillow

    4. An Isotonic down-alternative pillow with 600+ 5-star reviews from people who've literally slept on it(s fluffy high thread count to test it out). If you've found supportive pillows to be too bulky in the past, this one is worth a spin.

    stack of the two different sized pillows

    5. A gusseted quilted pillow for folks who believe more is more when it comes to pillow fluff ::raises hand::

    6. A wedge pillow that'll truly ~lift up~ anyone with acid reflux, snoring concerns, aching neck or shoulders, post-surgery strain, or other sleep struggles.

    person reading in bed propped up with wedge-like pillow

    7. A dense pillow for people who are super serious about some firm neck support. Just look at that stack of books!

    8. An as-seen-on-TV bamboo pillow fit for all types of sleepers, but does major work for side sleepers who find they perform best with a stacked pillow setup.

    hand pressing into the pillow

    9. An FDA-registered flexible foam pillow in case your sleeping needs aren't *too* rigid.

    person sleeping on stomach on pillow

    10. A hypoallergenic density pillow with options for other sleeping positions (in case you'd like a one-stop shop product listing for your household).

    row of pillow versions for side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper

    11. A ~cooling~ side sleeper pillow designed by a physical therapist to support your head, neck, and (you guessed it!) shoulders.

    pillow with indention for head and cradling shoulders with cooling arrows coming from it

    12. A supportive, cool foam pillow that'll feel like a cloud once you finally hit the hay.

    person sleeping on side with the pillow

    13. A foam pillow made to help relieve any pressure your preferred sleeping position may cause while making any heat dissipate quickly. Plus, reviewers who switch from back to side also sing its praises.

    the pillow

    14. A CPAP machine-friendly pillow with notches to let you comfortably sleep on your side without your mask slipping.

    15. A Claritin cotton pillow here to cradle those of us who drift off to Dreamland with the side of their face smushed into a pillow.

    the pillow

    16. A 100% organic pillow with fill you can take out to adjust, which will be especially welcome for anyone who's been done dirty by a "side sleeper" pillow that didn't feel quite right.

    person sleeping on side with two pillows stacked underneath head

    17. An orthopedic memory foam pillow that'll cradle your neck in just the right position without using your own arm as a prop. Come on pillow, hold me.

    The pillow with an indentation for neck

    18. A down pillow with three options for support levels of down clusters to help cradle you as you get some Zzzzzzzzzs.

    stack of three down pillows

    19. A Sealy extra-firm pillow you won't have to punch in the middle of the night to make sure it's cradling your neck at the perfect angle.

    the pillow propped up against a headboard

    20. And a Therapedic pillow with 25x the cooling power with its combo of memory foam and gel fiber that'll make hot side sleepers rejoice and then jump into bed to feel those ~cooling~ effects. And folks with menopause are really singing its praises in the reviews!

    the pillow propped against headboard with indentation visible for neck and shoulders

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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