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    Best Knife Sharpeners For 2020

    No matter your preferred sharpening style, these are a ~cut~ above the rest

    1. A handy lil' knife sharpener that saved my clumsy self from lots of close calls with dull knives and just might help you transform a bunch of your leftover past roommates' knives too! If you're not super picky about your knives, this is the one for you.

    hand holding the knife sharpener over a cutting board with knives

    2. Or a handled sharpener with some similar looking notches to pull your knives through that are outfitted with diamond abrasives in each of the three stages.

    the knife sharpener with a gripped handle to hold the other end with three notched sections for sharpening

    3. A mountable sharpener with a suction cup that'll stay put on your countertop surface. Heck, it's cheap enough to also buy one for your craft room or workshop!

    closeup of the sharpener sharpening a serrated knife

    4. A fast, precise machine sharpener with flexible abrasive belts that promises to handle every last type of knife that you own. Even your kitchen shears, hatchets, and gut hooks, among others!

    nine images of the machine

    5. Or a knife/tool sharpener from the same brand for half the price to do some major WORK on a variety of blades around your house and workshop with its abrasive grit belts.

    hand holding up a serrated knife to the sharpener

    6. A two-stage sharpening machine novices will welcome with open arms thanks to all the perfect positioning it does for you. No more dealing with dull knives because you're afraid you'll sharpen 'em wrong!

    person putting knife in the machine with different slots for the knives

    7. Or if you're feeling a little more spendy, a pro-level machine for both straight and serrated knives that looks ~sharp~ enough to leave out on your counter with other small appliances.

    the machine beside a table with food and knives in front of it

    8. An affordable as-seen-on-TV option that'll sharpen both sides of your blade at the same time and let you eye everything as your knife becomes its best self.

    person pulling a knife through the sharpener

    9. Or a similar sharpening design with a few more moving parts built for durability and a higher price tag.

    the knife sharpener

    10. A super portable knife sharpener that'll be a welcome addition to anyone's arsenal who spends a bunch of time outdoors and/or DIY-ing. It even has a lanyard hole for carrying!

    the sharpener on a tree stump with the different parts labeled

    11. An ergonomic handheld sharpener with a finger guard made to be used in only 10 seconds — without any moving or electrical parts. Plus you can clean it with soap and water!

    person running the handle-like knife sharper over a blade with a loop that protects the fingers from cuts

    12. A 6-in-1 multi-use survival tool that's so compact, it'll take up hardly any room or weigh you down in your pocket or pack as you do all the things that make the great outdoors great. It can sharpen fish hooks, quickly restore dull or damaged edges, finely hone, and remove burrs. OH, and it has an emergency whistle and fire starter. What can't she do?!

    showing the tool used as a knife sharpener, light,

    13. Or a field repair sharpener in case you don't need those extra bells and whistles while you hone your gut hooks on your next camping trip.

    close up of the sharpener

    14. And a super light handheld sharpener you can really get a grip on while you're quickly, safely sharpening your cheaper everyday knives on the go. This design is def more ergonomic than the super contact multi-use tools that will also sharpen while you're outdoors living your life.

    person using the sharpener outdoors to sharpen a pair of scissors

    15. A five-stone sharpening system in case you like to go above and beyond for keeping your knives in tip-top shape (or are trying to become that kind of person and as a result have stumbled across this story).

    the set in its special case

    16. A two-sided whetstone with 1000 grit and 6000 grit options and video instructions to help you feel like a total pro both during your sharpening sesh and after when you're cutting through everything like buttah.

    the two sided whestone block with wood base and instruction booklet

    17. A diamond combo bench stone that'll give ya' both coarse and fine diamond stones in one sharpener *also* equipped with an easy grip to keep things nice and steady while you transform your knives. If you're into some very intense sharpening but don't always wanna put in that effort, this is worth adding to your collection.

    person sharpening a knife on the thick stick-like sharpener

    18. An 8-inch sharp stick to help keep your kitchen knives and tools sharp — if you're a bit more coordinated than the average person and aren't intimidated by sharpening with a stick.

    19. A sharpener set that's novice-friendly and will let you set your sharpening stones at the perfect angle to take some guesswork out of the task for you. And when you're done you can slip everything into the *same* case for storage. We love a multi-use product!

    the sharpening set with sharpener rods mounted on it

    Here's to some responsible fun with those newly sharp knives!

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