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    25 Kitchen Products That Are Totally Worth The Storage Space

    Here's to all the products that've made you say "I don't NEED it," when you knew you were absolutely wrong, deep down.

    1. An Instant Pot — the next best thing to paying a chef's salary because it can handle 7(!!!!) kitchen tasks in one precious lil' appliance body.

    2. A springform pan so nice you'll wanna buy it twice. Lucky for you, it comes in a set so you aren't limited to executing one recipe at a time!

    3. A rapid egg cooker with two tiers, so making a dozen deviled eggs can be that much easier. And if you're not into the hard-boiled variety, this will whip them up just about any other way too.

    4. A bread maker with a gluten-free setting to help GF folks whip up something they can get excited about without paying an arm and a leg at a fancy bakery.

    5. A deep fryer so it'll be NBD to cook for a crowd and state fair–style fried food sounds good.

    6. Or perhaps an air fryer as a lighter option to help satisfy any future hankerings for French fries or onion rings. Have you been on Pinterest lately? They're all the rage!

    7. A cast-iron pizza pan for weaning your fam off of takeout pizza. (Um grilling out for pizza, anyone?)

    8. A KitchenAid mixer that'll let you mix 8 lbs. of mashed potatoes or enough dough for 13 dozen cookies at once. 'Nuff said.

    9. And an immersion blender to handle all sorts of smaller tasks when you don't want to bother with dirtying another dish or pulling out your stand mixer.

    10. A sous vide cooker — it could turn you into an immersion circulator cooking convert once you realize it can make a cheap cut of steak taste like something from a fancy restaurant.

    11. And a vacuum sealer starter kit that'll pair nicely with your sous vide cooker. Plus, it can finally help you store all those bulk buys in the freezer.

    12. A salad dressing mixer to turn your old method of violently shaking the ingredients in a mason jar into ancient history.

    13. A pretty copper Dutch oven you'll find so many uses for that your other pieces of cookware will get jealous.

    14. A rolling garlic tool to do the smelly (but rewarding!) work of transforming whole cloves into minced garlic for you.

    15. A salad slicer for doing *so much* chopping and shredding that you'll forget you used to do it by hand.

    16. A really excellent blender to quickly pulverize greens (think more than kale!), whip up delish hummus, and do the dang thing when it comes to homemade baby food.

    17. A mixing bowl/strainer set that'll make you say "Colander? I don't know her."

    18. A spiralizer set — it could seriously come in handy the next time you'd murder someone for some pad thai but prefer to go with a lighter, veggie noodle version.

    19. A mini food processor for chopping and grinding because how many times have you gotten psyched about a recipe and then realized it called for a food processor you don't own?

    20. A trio of produce savers that'll keep fresh goods from baby spinach to strawberries to zucchini in good condition for weeks. Weeks!

    21. A 3-in-1 avocado tool to dismantle your main guac ingredient without a slip of the knife.

    22. A sheet cake pan (with a lid! and super high sides!) because you should experience the the majesty that is The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake. Trust me. It'll change your life!

    23. A fluted cake pan for making all kinds of delectable ringed creations like a sticky coffee bundt cake and food party rings.

    24. An electric wine bottle opener that'll make you forget about your manual one in the back of your kitchen junk drawer.

    25. An adjustable measuring cup built to make the most of sticky ingredients your normal measuring cups can never quite stack up to.

    Don't worry, you'll still have room for your fruit friends in your kitchen.

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