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    17 Coaster DIYs Made With 20-Cent Tile

    Nothing screams "adulthood" like a stack of stylish coasters at the ready to put under your friends' PBR cans. These DIY tile coasters will keep your drink budget and coffee table (if you even have one) intact.

    1. Martha-Approved Lace Coasters

    2. Photo Coasters

    3. Paint Chip Coasters

    4. Patterned Paper Coasters

    5. Old Map Coasters

    6. Scrabble Tile Coasters

    7. Painter's Tape Pattern Coasters

    8. Faux Watercolor Coasters

    9. Chalkboard Paint Coasters

    10. Washi Tape and Permanent Marker Coasters

    11. Rice Burlap Bag Coasters

    12. Mosaic Tile Coasters

    13. Sheet Music Coasters

    14. Nancy Drew Book Coasters

    15. Glitter Coasters

    16. Permanent Marker Coasters

    17. Comic Book Coasters