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    23 Ways To Maintain A Blowout For So Much Longer

    Did you just get your hair done?

    1. Before you even blow dry your hair, mist it with a sea salt spray to help give it texture and volume.

    2. Always use a hair protector. It'll keep your flowing locks looking and feeling healthy.

    3. Prep your hair with a hair meringue before you blow dry for that dirty feeling that makes styling so much easier.

    4. Stock up on a dry shampoo that'll absorb any greasiness your hair develops.

    5. Or try a dry conditioner that'll do everything your favorite dry shampoo does while also helping to detangle your tresses.

    6. Get a texturizing spray for when your hair is already dry and needs a little something extra.

    7. Maintain your perfectly straight hair with a ceramic hair straightener.

    8. Or keep your curls bouncing with help from a ceramic curling wand.

    9. Use a shower cap to stop your hair from getting wet.

    10. If you're prone to hair flares during humid temperatures, try an anti-humidity spray.

    11. Help keep your hair straight with a serum that'll control flyaways and keep your hair looking healthy AF.

    12. Apply a glimmer shine when you're touching up your blowout to calm any fly aways and give it a gorgeous sheen.

    13. Using a three-in-one-spray to help your hair get volume, texture, and body, so it's always that perfect mix of tousled and gorgeous.

    14. Avoid any white residue on your hair with a dry shampoo made specifically for brunettes.

    15. If you need to put your hair up, do it with a satin and silk hair tie.

    16. Use volumizing powder for help when your hair decides to fall flat on your face.

    17. Wear a cloth hairband when you wash your face or workout. It'll absorb moisture so that your hair doesn't.

    18. Sleep with a silk night cap to keep your hair from tangling up in your sleep.

    19. And use a silk pillow case to help reduce static, frizz, and creases.

    20. Try a detangling brush that's made specifically for dry hair.

    21. Get a fuller look with a dry finish texture spray.

    22. Keep everything in place and get tons of volume with a plumping hairspray.

    23. And make sure to throw a couple hair towelettes in your bag so you can freshen up even when you're on the go.

    Soon you'll be on day 87 of your blowout looking like you just walked out of the salon.