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    25 Things That'll Help You Celebrate Your One True Love...Your Dog

    Honestly, just read this post for the ridiculously cute doggy pics. We know that's what you're all here for.

    1. A super thorough cookbook filled with over 100 delicious recipes for your always hungry pup.

    2. A fitted T-shirt and matching doggy tee, 'cause you're tired of having to bark at strangers who try to make small talk with you guys.

    3. A very plush and refreshing can of Lick Croix that'll help quench that thirst — also, it's pronounced Lik Krah, I don't care what anyone says and neither does the pupper photographed below.

    4. A pair of colorful socks emblazoned with your affection's face — next time you accidentally step on your pup's tail and start apologizing profusely, at least they'll know you really mean it.

    5. A delightful little party kit complete with everything you need to make sure everyone knows where the pawty is at — Woof! There it is!

    6. A delightful peanut butter cake mix your furriest bestie will probably love more than they love you.

    7. Or maybe your pupper is more of a cheesecake connoisseur — well, there's a mix for that too.

    8. And if you'd like to spend your baking time at the dog park instead but your fur baby still wants a delicious little treat, try this yummy premade cake.

    9. A squeaky bottle of Crispaw Champagne, because your stinker needs to be poppin' bottles in the kennel club.

    10. A set of waterproof, microwave- and dishwasher-safe vinyl stickers, so you can cover everything you own with their beautiful face — not just their fur.

    11. A 100% cotton pillowcase you'll cuddle so damn hard...so damn hard.

    12. A pint of doggy ice cream so the next time you spend a Saturday night crying into your Ben & Jerry's at least your puppy will have something other than your tears to lick.

    13. An easily rechargeable LED collar to help keep your chunky monkey safe on those nighttime walks AND ensure that they're the life of the party during those late-night fiestas.

    14. A sleek solid-wood frame and shadow box designed so you can display their pretty face and their perfect paws.

    15. A 3D-printed cookie cutter designed to look exactly like your furry (or not so furry) BFF; it'll help make their yummy treats as cute as they are delicious.

    16. A sturdy ceramic mug so all your colleagues will know exactly why you showed up today.

    17. An engraved cutting board with your gordito's face accompanied by the one thing you know they would say if they could talk.

    18. A personalized engraved necklace so you can wear your perfect little angel's face close to your heart.

    19. A plush no-limit Barkingdales Credit Card, 'cause this bitch needs to go on a shopping spree.

    20. A gorgeously illustrated phone case for making sure your mobile device is always protected by your guard dog.

    21. A perfect little toy bin filled with so many adorable (and long-lasting) play things that your little fur ball will get hours and hours of joy from.

    22. A custom-made portrait, because your dog is f#@%ing royalty and they need their portrait taken — but, like, good luck getting them to sit for it.

    23. A matching necklace and tag set just in case one of you gets lost and needs to be returned to your owner.

    24. A handy little all-in-one pet lunch pail that gives a whole new meaning to "doggy bag."

    25. And a personalized dog toy, because you buy your kid so many great gifts, you should buy your other kid one too!

    You might want to get a safe too, 'cause all the pups in the neighborhood are gonna wanna take these things!

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