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24 Ways To Make Traveling So Much Less Stressful

Tips, tricks, and products to make your next trip totally relaxing.

1. Create a packing list so you stay organized and don't forget anything at home.

2. Use travel sites like Kayak to get insight into which destinations are popular, when to book your trip, and where you can find the best deals.

3. Stay hydrated! Keep a collapsible water bottle with you. Once your clear security, you can fill it up at the water fountain.

4. Talk to your hotel via text message, making it easy to request things when you don't necessarily have access to a local phone.

5. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off when going through security.

6. Or never worry about having to take off your shoes by applying for Global Entry.

7. Get a pair of noise-canceling headphones so your travels are a quiet oasis.

8. Carry filling snacks so your journey doesn't end in Hungry.

9. Suffer from minimal jet lag by adjusting to your destination's local time with the Entrain app.

10. Don't stress about searching for a plug. Get bags and luggage that have built-in charging stations.

11. And keep a portable charger with you so that your devices stay charged and usable.

12. Just always have a charging cord on hand, like this discreet keychain.

13. Have a place to go with the Flushd app, which maps out bathrooms based on your location.

14. Get an adapter to make sure you can connect all your devices, no matter where you are in the world.

15. Stay on budget and even track your mileage with the Shoeboxed app.

16. Get a small safe that gives your valuables a little added security while you travel.

17. Always know where to find a free hotspot with a global Wi-Fi map.

18. Or get a global hotspot so that you always have data on your phone, even when there isn't any Wi-Fi.

19. Carry all the documents you'll need in one handy spot, making for a super-easy check-in.

20. Figure out the exact cost of your purchases in different countries with the XE Currency app.

21. Making traveling with baby formula a breeze with a super handy dispenser.

22. Load up your iPad or tablet with plenty of in-flight entertainment, helping your trip go by quickly or giving your kids a way to enjoy the long journey.

23. Always have the right words to say with a translation app.

24. Or just wear your translations on your chest with a T-shirt that helps you communicate using universal symbols for the things you need most.

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