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24 Genius Tips For People Who Love Fashion But Are Broke AF

Ways to look like a million bucks when you have zero bucks.

1. Bold accessories are a lazy (and affordable) way to bring your closet back to life.

2. Use your makeup and hair to elevate your style game.

3. Learn the art of creating high/low outfits.

4. Avoid clothes that needs to be tailored, because no matter how great the deal, adding the cost of tailoring will be $$$.

5. Or if you can't avoid it, learn to tailor your own clothes.

6. Buy pre-owned pieces at a fraction of the price.

7. Keep your closet organized.

8. Wear your favorite piece in a million different ways.

9. Pay attention to fabric.

10. On that note, learn how to take care of the clothes you have.

11. DIY the looks you love — like embroidery — that are just too expensive to buy.

12. Check out stores like Front Row Shop, Pixie Market, and Storets for on-trend fashions at affordable prices.

13. If you're going to spend money, invest in your shoes and handbags.

14. Find inspiration from Olivia Pope or any of your favorite magazines, movies, and TV shows.

15. Master the art of experimenting with patterns and prints.

16. Sign up for sales notifications through services like Shop It to Me.

17. Borrow your clothes from the boys.

18. Or actually, just borrow clothes and accessories from online rental sites.

19. Create a uniform based on the styles and fashions you love most.

20. Search #OOTD, and other fashion-related hashtags, to find tons of style inspiration from regular people all over the world.

21. Follow the rule of three to complete your outfit and look totally polished.

22. Experiment with the staples in your closet.

23. Buy the pieces that are inspired by your favorite high-end designs.

24. Wear whatever makes you feel confident!

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