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31 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From personalized books about your dog to vintage-inspired dresses to a collection of great makeup: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

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1. A vintage-inspired dress that'll quickly become a staple in your fall wardrobe.

2. A set of shredder claws, because who actually has time to wait for meat to cool before they handle or start shredding it? Not me, and I have the burned fingertips to prove it.

Promising Review: "Works well for shredding larger portions of meat, like pork. Plastic appears to be of higher quality. Sufficient room in opening for most finger and hand sizes. The pointed tips shouldn't cause injury, unless you're careless. I'd highly recommend use of quality protective gloves; you're not only dealing with the mess of shredding itself but also, most likely, some elevated temperature food." —Legardi11

Get it from Amazon for $13.

3. A waterproof eyeliner so you have everything you need to get a perfect winged look that doesn't rub off.,

Promising Review: "Easy application and great for beginners! My only complaint is that I wish more liquid came in the bottle." —Alymari Colon

Get it from Amazon for $2.


5. A T-shirt with wings — you don't even have to suffer through an energy drink to get them.

Promising Review: "I get so many compliments on this shirt. It's super comfortable. The fabric is very thin, but not see through, so it is very breathable. My daughters are already stealing it, so I expect I will be ordering more." —julie baca

Get it from Amazon for $9+. Available in sizes XS-XXL.

7. An adorable door stopper your dog will thank you for.,

Promising Review: "Love it! Super cute and works great! Unfortunately my dogs have decided they like it too and keep hiding it from me!" —anna hoefler

Get it from Amazon for $14.


8. A blackhead remover tool kit you should probably use instead of just picking away with your fingers.

Promising Review: "I ordered this set after seeing my doctor use the same one on acne, pustules, etc. These are exactly what she used and the price couldn't be beat!" —JoyBRollin

Get it from Amazon for $7.

9. An egg yolk separator, because it's just too damn hard to separate egg whites — I'm just saying what everyone is thinking!,

Promising Review: "I bought this because my previous egg separator always left a little yolk in my egg. This egg separator works great; it separates well enough for whipping eggs whites nice and stiff." —Diego Nomad

Get it from Amazon for $4.

10. A personalized book about your dog that tells the tale of your bestie through colorful illustrations.

Anyone obsessed with their dog knows there is no lengths you wouldn't go to immortalize them. With I See Me you can turn your dog's tale into a beautiful book. Start by selecting from 12 different dogs, input your pet's name, gender, breed, and coloring. They'll create a story of all things your pup would say to you if they could master the English language. If your dog has passed away, they'll even put lovely reference to how much they were loved. Oh! And of course, they add adorable pictures of your pup within the book. It's basically the best!

Get a customized set at I See Me for $39+.

11. An e.l.f. x Christian Siriano makeup kit so you can recreate the exact beauty looks from the runway at NYFW.


13. A red gown you'll throw on when you're running to your next gala — or vacuuming your apartment.,

Promising Review: "This dress is super cute. It's a bright red and made out of a light, flowy, microfiber material. The slit goes all the way up — so be careful. The sash is removable, but I think it looks better with it on. It's a beautiful dress." —Nicole M.

Get it from Amazon for $23. Available in sizes S-XXL.

14. A travel fund to give you an adorable place to save for that trip to Paris next spring.

Promising Review: "This little travel fund box is exactly the gift I was looking for for someone dreaming of traveling. It is well made and cute. Not too big so it could sit on a bookshelf or mantle. It made a very nice gift." —snav

Get it from Amazon for $24+.

15. A journal filled with a variety of art projects and activities meant to help you channel your inner creative process.,

Promising Review: "I never even realized I was creative until this book came around. I absolutely love the idea of being able to do WHATEVER you want with this book. This book will save your life, it decreases anxiety and increased my excitement about life. It's a priceless item!" —Alecia

Get it from Amazon for $14.


16. A children's book about activism and participation in change so you can start teaching them while they're young.

Promising Review: "Do you want to indoctrinate a baby into the revolution? Start here. Also a great gift for your conservative cousins when they start having babies." —Elizabeth Herbert

Get it from Amazon for $10.

17. A personal mini humidifier small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but helpful enough to eliminate the airborne allergens that get your sinuses acting crazy.,

Promising Review: "Works wonderfully! Very quiet and fits a regular diet coke bottle. The company emailed me after purchase to make sure I found a bottle easily and even asked me if I needed them to buy me a water! I hooked the USB to my phone plug or let it run off the batteries. Even came with extra filters. For the small portable size and price, I am impressed. Love this for travel, which I do quite frequently." —Tyler and Nicole

Get it from Amazon for $23.

19. A set of Russian Doll measuring cups you'll have space for in your tiny ass kitchen.

Promising Review: "These are so cute and fun to cook with. Because they are nesting dolls, they're easy to store. So many of my friends open them, find out they are measuring cups, and blown away. So awesome! If you like these buy them — you will not be let down! One thing I will say is be careful in the dishwasher. Although you can put them through, I accidentally put them through two cycles and one got warped." —Lauren

Get the set of six from Amazon for $12.


20. A dishwasher safe smart funnel that attaches to your bottles of lotion/shampoo/dish soap/whatever to transfer the contents or refill another bottle. This way when one bottle begins to end, another can begin.

Promising Review: "OMG! About time someone put something like this on the market. If you're dealing with large bottles, it will still require some 'securing' in the corner but at least you don't have to stand there holding it or propping it against something that won't support it after the 'substance' being transferred has shifted in the bottle." —Petunia

Get it from Amazon for $8.

21. A floral shirt dress you'll definitely be able to throw on when you're running late — so maybe buy one for each day of the week?

Promising Review: "Love this dress! It's a classy length for a shirt dress. The embroidery is cool and gives it some added flare. It would be perfect for going out to brunch with your friends. Got a size small and it's super comfortable! Just needs to be ironed!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19+. Available in sizes XS-XL and in blue or pink options.


24. A vitamin C serum to help rejuvenate your skin and give you a healthy glow.,

Promising Review: "Amazing product. I've been using for three weeks and my skin has changed dramatically. My dark spots are almost gone and no bumps on my face. Skin feels extremely smooth. My natural skin has a glow. I ordered three more bottles as gifts for friends and family. Everyone loves it." —Jasmin

Get it from Amazon for $18.

27. An eyebrow tint to help give the illusion you have the thick eyebrows you know you deserve.,

Promising Review: "Love this product. I was really skeptical about it but I took a leap of faith and now I'm in love. I haven't had to leave it on longer than 30 minutes. It has a pleasant scent and dries fast. It goes on darker than the results will be." —Vanessa McDuff

Get it from Amazon for $4. Available in three shades.


29. A kitty cape, because Cat Woman can keep her latex body suit — you're gonna save the world in an adorable hooded shawl.

Promising Review: "Sooooo cute! I originally bought it for a cosplay costume and ended up not using it. Now, I just use it for normal wear! Very warm and soft, and the little pockets are nice too. I do wish it had sleeves; I carry backpacks instead of purses most of the time, so it gets a little hard for me to wear it properly. Other than that, great item." —D.J M

Get it from Amazon for $30+. Available in 18 varieties.

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