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    42 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

    From warm-weather dresses to magnetic measuring spoons to infectious disease coloring books: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

    1. A genius little Pocket Palette, a travel-friendly totally portable kit with everything you need to do your makeup on the go! It includes mascara, BB cream, and blush/lip tint that'll have you looking fly AF without having to carry your entire makeup bag around.

    2. A mess catching laundry detergent caddy so all those drippies coming out of your soap jugs don't make their way on to your floor — it attaches to most economy sized liquid detergent and fabric softener container spouts.

    3. A playfully ruffled and ruched elastic bodice midi dress that'll have you looking like the lead in a rom-com.

    4. A hardback copy of Am I Dying?!, a complete guide to identifying and dealing with whatever symptoms you're currently feeling because last time WebMD was selling you some fake news and, well, never again.

    5. A nylon (so it's non-stick safe) colander strainer designed with a discreet hook so it easily attaches to the side of your pan — it's also dishwasher safe, heat-resistant up to 200°C/392°F, and works with fried foods.

    6. A water-activated papaya enzyme and grapefruit seed oil cleanser travel set designed to naturally brighten and clarify your complexion, while gently exfoliating your dull skin.

    7. A pair of acrylic palm leaf earrings that'll bring the tropical to your next outfit.

    8. A flavorful variety pack of sea salts with everything you need to make a top chef quality meal including Himalayan Pink, French Grey, Hawaiian Red, and Hawaiian Black salts.

    9. A cinched waist, ruffled shirt dress you can wear to work on those unbearably hot summer days.

    10. A side mount screen clip to attach to a laptop to create a dual monitor situation with your phone or tablet.

    11. A set of stainless steel magnetic measuring spoons that'll help in your quest of keeping an organized and jam-free drawer.

    12. A pair of cold therapy socks to chill your entire foot and help relieve sore feet, hot feet, tired feet, aching feet, and other painful chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

    13. A magnetic cord organizer you can use to keep all your chargers within easy reach — and if your cord isn't magnetic, it comes with handy little ties to keep them in place.

    14. A genius little heat-resistant chopper to finally break up that package of ground meat, allowing it to cook evenly.

    15. A purifying charcoal peel-off mask that'll get deep in there to help remove blackheads and reduce the look of your pores.

    16. A delightful scallop and laser-cut hem mini dress, because everyone deserves that perfect weekend dress and this one will be yours.

    17. An assorted box of no-fuss loose leaf tea drops to make it so you never have to worry about tea bags or packs of sugar again.

    18. A copy of a super fun drinking game filled with challenges that'll have your friends laughing so hard (while getting you so drunk).

    19. A brush cleaner so you can easily remove any stuck-on hair, build-up, and that fuzz that comes from I dunno where but ends all over the base of the bristles.

    20. A handy little scrap trap you can hang from your cabinet door to help catch all your extras.

    21. A pack of bra band extenders that'll also extend the length of your favorite bodysuit that's always riding up.

    22. A very comfy stability cushion designed to fit on top of any chair and help you improve your posture.

    23. An adorable little T-shirt covered in the cutest cupcake design and a very inspirational message that'll keep you motivated throughout your day.

    24. A self-adhesive pen holder you can attach to your calendar, notebook, binder, and any other place you find yourself needing a writing utensil.

    25. A copy of what is, honestly, the most disgusting coloring book on the entire planet.

    26. A rapid veggie steamer to pop into the microwave for just over two minutes to get perfectly healthy treats — if that's what you wanna call them.

    27. A handy little container of touch up paint that'll tackle all those chips and marks you've been meaning to deal with.

    28. A pack of moisturizing and super minty lip tints that come in four natural shades to give you a perfect pout all day long.

    29. A very easy to use zipper repair kit filled with 11 replacements, four bottom stops, and six top stops — all of which come in the colors and sizes you'd probably need.

    30. A set of totally different "Good Decision" and "Bad Decision" shirts that'll showcase just how similar you and your bestie are.

    31. A pack of rechargeable, no power needed lightbulbs to light up any room for up to four hours when there's no power.

    32. A 48 bottle nail polish holder that'll change the way you organize your ever growing collection of polishes.

    33. A helpful guide filled with the survival tips your favorite leafy friend needs to stay alive.

    34. A portable paw plunger designed to clean your adorable pup's filthy little paws with just one quick dunk — if you really think about it, your doggo roams the streets barefoot and then curls all up on you...or maybe don't think about it.

    35. A sterling silver magnetic clasp converter that'll change the way you painfully struggle to put on your favorite bracelet and necklace.

    36. Delightful smelling mini "New Home", New York City, and Arizona candles to have you covered for all your upcoming housewarmings and going away parties.

    37. A countertop compost bin so you can convert your home into the green machine you know it can be.

    38. A bottle of a very handy little drywall repair putty to fix all those failed attempts to hang things and get your security deposit back.

    39. A ruffled and floral mini summer dress that just might be beautiful enough to celebrate in on your big day.

    40. A delicate pair of asymmetrical gold bird earrings perfect for anyone who has a double piercing and wants their to ears soar.

    41. A bag of low carb, gluten-, sugar-, and nut-free brownie mix — I know, it doesn't sound like it would be amazing but TRUST it really, really is.

    42. And an amazing hand mixer that heats up ever so slightly, making it easier for you to break down those harder ingredients.

    How you're gonna feel when that delivery lands on your stoop.

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