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    27 Products That'll Totally Change How You Put On Your Makeup

    Miracle-working products that should definitely be in your beauty arsenal.

    1. A makeup brush drying rack that'll totally help save your brushes after a cleaning.

    2. A curling wand for perfect curls and waves that'll last all day...and it heats up in just about 10 seconds!

    3. A blue mascara for a simple pop of unexpected color.

    4. A beauty spatula so you can get every last drop from your favorite products.

    5. A hair protector that'll bring your hair back after intense color treatments.

    6. A self tanner for a perfect summer glow after this long-ass winter.

    7. A toner that'll help soothe your sensitive skin.

    8. A matte setting spray for makeup that'll last all day β€” like 12 hours all day.

    9. Some makeup corrector swabs to help fix mistakes without compromising everything else.

    10. A purple shampoo that'll get out all those brassy undertones in just one wash.

    11. A Clarisonic brush to help get your skin that deep, DEEP clean.

    12. Some blush that's super pigmented to give you the rosiest cheeks.

    13. An acrylic makeup organizer to store every piece of your immaculate collection.

    14. A volumizing powder for hair that looks fuller and bigger all day long.

    15. An eyebrow pomade that 100% needs to be part of your beauty routine if you're looking to have fuller brows.

    16. A kit with everything you need to complete a perfect nude eye.

    17. A collection of nude lipsticks from some of your favorite brands.

    18. A Beautyblender for a flawless makeup application every time.

    19. A bright and bold red lipstick that'll stay in place and last all day long.

    20. A game-changing concealer to help hide even the most stubborn of dark circles.

    21. A 50-pack of makeup brush protectors that'll keep your brushes clean and hold their shape.

    22. A texturizing spray for anyone looking to bring their thin locks back to life.

    23. A black eyeliner deep enough to last all day but soft enough to gently remove at night.

    24. A set of affordable eyeshadow brushes that are basically professional grade.

    25. A cleaning mat perfect for getting all that makeup residue off your brushes.

    26. A shimmering highlighter that works on a variety of skin tones.

    27. And a mascara that'll make everyone think you're wearing fake eyelashes.

    With all these you're basically a professional makeup artist.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.