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27 Things For People Who Are Deeply In Love With Vegetables

*sings* Eat your vegetables cause they're crunch, crunch yummy fun!

1. A flash drive that will be eggplant-celent for storing all your things.

2. A tote that's filled with compliments and all your favorite veggies.

3. A plush onion that'll never make you cry.

4. A kitchen towel that answers when someone asks if you wanna do the dishes.

5. An apron you can wear during your next DJ set.

6. A necklace so you can have your favorite food group close to your heart.

7. A pair of slippers that are a little tired of getting such a bad rap.

8. This magnet that just wants everyone to know that veggies totally help you relax.

9. A T-shirt that shows your garden spirit.

10. A pen to jot down all the things you carrot forget.

11. A face mask that'll let you rock out with your broc out.

12. A veggie brush that ain't no scrub.

13. A pair of eggplant earrings that are the perfect shade of purple.

14. A plush toy for when you want to relax and get some peas and quiet.

15. A whisk that'll be perfect for when you make carrot cake.

16. A sweatshirt you can wear when you want to celery-brate.

17. A peeler and masher that are total sweet potatoes.

18. A ring you can get as a perk of being a cauliflower lover.

19. A pair of sandals that just want to lettuce know they're really cute.

20. A sweatshirt to show just what you need to survive.

21. A spoon to help you get your daily fix of your favorite foods.

22. A pin that'll be your badge of honor.

23. A pair of garlic earrings that technically aren't a vegetable but we're still totally rooting for them.

24. A kitchen towel that actually has a fungus on it but, like it says, you gotta let that shiitake go.

25. A pair of socks that are basically a salad for your feet.

26. A pair of broccoli earrings because you're a total stalker.

27. And a complete suit and an adorable dress because every day you be brusslin'.

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