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31 Gifts For Anyone Who Wishes They Were On Vacation

Basically all of us right now.

1. This necklace that will help them lay out their escape route from reality.

2. This pouch to carry their emergency kit for when they finally decide to just drop everything and go.

3. This tank that'll remind them of all the things they love when they're having a terrible day.

4. This self-tanner gift bag that'll give them some faux sunshine.

5. This stationary set to let them get a round in even if they can't *actually* go anywhere.

6. This festive ornament that (tbh) is basically how people decorate trees in Hawaii... which is where we all wish we were right now.

7. This pin because they're currently not on vacation and there are very few things that will bring a smile to their face the way a seal in a floaty will.

8. These espadrilles because they do like piña coladas but not the rain, or work or real life currently.

9. These tropical scented candles to let at least one of their senses go on vacation.

10. This tote that is basically reading their mind.

11. This sun hat to wear year round (because that's the only way they're gonna get through it).

12. This t-shirt that's basically their vision board for the next four years.

13. This stamp to use to create a tropical paradise, even if it's just on paper.

14. This passport holder that'll also serve as their out-of-office reply.

15. These tags to ensure they'll always find their luggage easily.

16. These sunnies to protect them from the sun (and to hide the tears they shed when they're *not* on vacation).

17. A palm tree necklace that's a delicate reminder of how much greater a vacation would be than the dumpster fire that is reality.

18. This travel tote that'll be perfect for everyday... and also for when they finally do get the hell out of here.

19. This travel friendly cocktail kit so they never have to leave home without their signature cocktail.

20. This t-shirt that lists all their demands.

21. This towel for when they get out of the shower and realize this is actually real life, and it's not the beach.

22. This flamingo card holder to give them a little something tropical.

23. This pool float that lets them take some control back from the dumpster fires of reality (and that also works for when they do finally get pool side).

24. This book that'll help them escape through its pages.

25. These little drink umbrellas so they can turn their daily coffee into something tropical.

26. This phone case so they can call for help from the heavy reality that is life.

27. This sleep mask because maybe real life is just a dream and they'll wake up just in time to catch their flight to Fiji.

28. This picture because they really need a little pineapple in the sand.

29. This adorable turtle drink ware set that they can pour all their sorrows into.

30. This camera so they can document their happy times on vacation, or just those rare ones IRL.

31. And some sunblock for when they finally get on that beach because they can't get burned... again.

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