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36 Straight-Up Genius Ways To Add Storage To Your Home

You'll finally be able to use your oven for something other than your sweaters.

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1. Store your sheets in their matching pillow case or buy a reusable storage bag that lets you move them with ease.

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Get the storage container on Amazon for $7.

2. Get sliding racks for your cabinets to store food, dishes, and cookware.


7. And DIY a lego table with storage so they'll always have a place for their favorite toys.


8. Use a magnetic strip to store your hair supplies or tools within reach.


12. Build up your cabinets to the ceiling for additional kitchen storage.

14. Use a shoe organizer to keep your cleaning supplies, pantry snacks, kid's toys, or even your shoes in one, easily accessible, place.

15. Or, keep those cleaning supplies and pantry snacks on a slide-out storage tower.


19. Use your foot ottoman to store your footwear.


23. Or invest in a whole new bed that discreetly stores all those extras you want out of sight.


24. Mount a towel rack to any wall to store your wine (or towels, I guess).

27. And store your pans on a rack to maximize storage space and protect their non-stick surfaces.


30. File away all your cleaning tools — or light sabers — with a broom holder.

31. Plant an extra closet nearly anywhere with these adjustable clothing racks that suction to the floor and ceiling.


34. Attach small containers to the side of the washer and dryer to store all your laundry supplies.


36. And utilize every inch of space with a storage cabinet that mounts to the hinges of your door.

Get it on Amazon starting at $137 or DIY one with this tutorial from Remodelando la Casa.

Also available in espresso and for wine storage.

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