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36 Straight-Up Genius Ways To Add Storage To Your Home

You'll finally be able to use your oven for something other than your sweaters.

1. Store your sheets in their matching pillow case or buy a reusable storage bag that lets you move them with ease.

2. Get sliding racks for your cabinets to store food, dishes, and cookware.

3. Get an ottoman that includes a storage compartment to create extra space in the middle of any room.

4. And place a bench with open storage in your entryway for easy access to the things you need when you're running out the door.

5. Create under-sink storage with adjustable shelves that fit around your pipes.

6. Get your kids organized with storage bins that can be easily pulled out during play time.

7. And DIY a lego table with storage so they'll always have a place for their favorite toys.

8. Use a magnetic strip to store your hair supplies or tools within reach.

9. Use your garage door to store your ladder and electrical cords with easily attachable hooks.

10. Add shelving to any wall to create more storage throughout your home.

11. Store all your hair supplies in one neat, organized place with a holder that hangs off your cabinet door.

12. Build up your cabinets to the ceiling for additional kitchen storage.

13. Get a full-length mirror that doubles as jewelry storage.

14. Use a shoe organizer to keep your cleaning supplies, pantry snacks, kid's toys, or even your shoes in one, easily accessible, place.

15. Or, keep those cleaning supplies and pantry snacks on a slide-out storage tower.

16. Use adjustable hooks throughout your home and position them to the side in smaller rooms to utilize less space.

17. Create under-sink storage for your sponges and brushes with concealed trays.

18. Or, just hook a shelf to your cabinet door to store extra sponges, brushes, and even paper towels.

19. Use your foot ottoman to store your footwear.

20. Add exposed shelves to your kitchen island, giving you easy access to and a way to showcase your beautiful dishes.

21. Get a compost bin that's easily stored under your sink.

22. Utilize the space under your bed with fabric storage bags that'll protect your things and maximize the area.

23. Or invest in a whole new bed that discreetly stores all those extras you want out of sight.

24. Mount a towel rack to any wall to store your wine (or towels, I guess).

25. Hang a shelf-and-hook combo. Bonus if it has picture frames like this one!

26. Mount a pot-lid rack to your cabinet doors.

27. And store your pans on a rack to maximize storage space and protect their non-stick surfaces.

28. Pour your dry foods from mountable food containers.

29. Keep your baking sheets in a place (that isn't the oven) with a basket that can be mounted or hung on your cabinet door.

30. File away all your cleaning tools — or light sabers — with a broom holder.

31. Plant an extra closet nearly anywhere with these adjustable clothing racks that suction to the floor and ceiling.

32. Store and organize those hard-to-reach cabinets that have unused space with a pull-down spice rack.

33. DIY a custom desk with plenty of shelving to get all the storage you'll need.

34. Attach small containers to the side of the washer and dryer to store all your laundry supplies.

35. Have a place to store all your plastic bags with a super easy hook that clips onto your cabinet.

36. And utilize every inch of space with a storage cabinet that mounts to the hinges of your door.

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