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28 Secrets For Shopping Online That Will Blow Your Mind

All the tips and tricks you need to get the best deals during your next online shopping spree.

1. Use shopping extensions like Honey to automatically add coupons to your orders.

2. Ask for discount and coupon codes straight from the source (even via DMs).

3. Don’t give up on your expired coupons.

4. Use services like Lyst that send notifications the second your favorites go on sale.

5. Get cash back on your online purchases using Ebates.

6. Just walk away...from your shopping cart to get coupons and discount codes.

7. Don’t let your student discount go to waste.

8. Use Camel Camel Camel to track prices on Amazon and guarantee you're getting the best deal.

9. No free shipping? Try in-store pickup to save a few coins.

10. Can't find discount codes? Buy coupons and discounted gift cards on eBay.

11. Start your online shopping spree on Tuesday for the best deals.

12. Join free rewards programs to get a discount on every purchase you make online.

13. You can also sign up for store credit cards that give you access to awesome benefits and discounts — but use them wisely.

14. Time your purchases to earn store “cash” promotions like Gap Cash or Hot Topic's Hot Cash.

15. Sign up for brand and store newsletters to get access to special discounts, one-time coupons, and free shipping.

16. Follow your favorite brands and stores on social media for discounts and sale notifications.

17. Don’t hesitate to request a price match.

18. Find some major steals and deals on designer items using online consignment sites.

19. Or find high-end designer goods in unexpected places like Burlington, Amazon, and Zappos.

20. Check out online outlet stores for amazing deals from some of your favorite retailers.

21. Buy extras from stores that offer free return shipping.

22. Use Plenti to earn points that can be redeemed at any of their participating retailers.

23. Get the gift of discounts on your birthday with your favorite stores and brands.

24. Use as many coupons as you possibly can.

25. Shop using a "private" or "incognito" browser.

26. Get a free online personal shopper with apps like PS Dept.

27. Sign up for Shop It To Me to get daily sale notifications from your favorite brands and stores in one organized email.

28. And don't forget to check out BuzzFeed on the daily for all the best deals on the internet.

Happy shopping, everyone!

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