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Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Collection Is On Amazon And We Want Everything

For those of us who literally want to be little old ladies who live in shoes.

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If there is one thing Sarah Jessica Parker is famous for, it's her role as shoe-loving fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw.

True to her TV persona, Ms. Parker is also obsessed with fancy footwear and has parlayed that into a deliciously crafted shoe line which just recently hit Amazon.

With price points ranging from about $200-$600, these shoes aren't cheap!

But every pair is handcrafted in Italy by third-generation Tuscan shoemakers and designed to be worn forever.

It doesn't cost anything to stare at them in all their beauty.

Here are some of the many we've added to our wish list:

The Penthouse and its delicate embellished chain is a black satin chandelier for your feet!

The nearly 4" heel might also make you tall enough to actually reach the penthouse.

Available in sizes 6 - 10 (US) for $455

The Carrie 70 Dress Pump is named after the fictional fashion icon.

And we're pretty convinced she'd probably rock these through the streets of New York. Get them in nude, black or this amazing yellow!

Available in sizes 5.5 - 10 (US) for $355.

The Ingenue will have you stepping into fall with its soft navy-blue velvet and adorable ankle strap.

Unlike many of the heels Carrie Bradshaw had her escapades in, these have a reasonable 2" heel which will make actually walking in them a little easier.

Available in sizes 6 - 9 (US) for $365.

The Fawn is what hot pink dreams are made of!

With their classic design and 4" heel, these shoes turn a pop of color into a closet staple. They also come in teal and a fun stripped print.

Available in sizes 5.5 - 10 (US) for $350.

The Tartt's 2" heel and tons of sparkle will basically light up any sidewalk.

These Mary-Jane's are a disco ball for your feet! But if sparkle isn't your thing, they come in classic black too!

Available in sizes 6 - 9.5 (US) for $385.

The SJP Collection doesn't only have your feet covered!

Amazon also has some of their handbags available because who needs to put money in a purse when you can spend money on one.

The Crosstown Cross-Body Bag will let you run around town hands free.

This super easy and gorgeous leather cross-body comes in plum and "runway" and is perfect if you don't want to have to lug around a big purse.

Available for $86.

The UNI Fashion Backpack sits on the pricier side, but you'd probably wear it everyday... so totally worth it!

It comes in this soft gray color and a solid black, which you can basically wear anywhere!

Available for $395.

The Grove Bag is a creamy leather cross-body that we'll probably get dirty in 20 seconds, but we still want it.

Just add it to the wish list, with everything else on here!

Available for $245.

If throwing down hundreds of dollars isn't up your alley, but you still want to be a part of the fun, The SJP Collection Signature Candle is under $50.

It has notes of ginger, cinnamon and wild fig but no mention of Mr. Big.

Available for $48.

In the event that you do decide to take the plunge, Amazon can have them at your door in no time.

And if these really aren't in your budget, we've got you covered with some cheap shoes that still look $$$.

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