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46 Ways To Make Wearing Clothes So Much Better

Deodorant is meant to be worn by you, not your black shirt.

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1. Freshcloz Garment Deodorizer, to dry-clean your clothes at home.

Have you ever heard of ozone technology? Me either. But apparently it really works at removing the stink from your clothes. So Freshcloz harnessed it and is using it to kill 97% of the bacteria that sits in your clothes. It also helps freshen up your dry clean–only pieces.

Get it on Amazon for $40.


2. Box Legend Clothes Folder, to have the most perfectly folded clothes the world has ever seen.

3. Greenco 3 Tier Over the Door Drying Rack, to dry out all those clothes you can't throw in the dryer.

So many of our sweaters should never see the inside of a dryer, but you also can't hang dry them, because they'll lose their shape. So what the heck is a person to do? With this lay flat drying rack, you don't have to worry about any of that! Its netting material lets your clothes breathe, therefore letting them dry without ever compromising their shape.

Get it on Amazon for $8.

4. Barbasol Shaving Cream, to get makeup off your collar.

Who would have thought the foam you use to shave also works to remove the makeup that attaches to clothes? Find out exactly how, here!

And test it out yourself with this bottle of shaving cream available on Amazon for $7.


6. Thread Stax, to keep your folded clothes organized.

Never worry about that avalanche of clothes or the inevitable drawer disaster again. Thredstacks is a magnetic organizing system that allows you to stack your clothes, one slide at a time. Just place one folded piece of clothing per slide and stack them on top of each other. They'll magnetically connect to the wall mount. After that, every time you need a piece of folded clothing, just flip through all your options and bring it to the top with ease.

Get them at ThredStax starting at $50.


10. Swash Express Clothing Care System, to refresh, steam, and preserve your clothes at home in about 10 minutes.

This thing is so cool! Swash is a fit-anywhere, in-home dry-cleaning machine... basically. In 10 minutes, it'll dewrinkle, restore, refresh, and gently care for all your clothes. Just plug it into a standard wall outlet, add a Swash Pod (which cost about $7 for a pack of 12) and in no time your shirts will come out feeling like you just picked them up from the dry cleaner.

Get it on Amazon for $360.

12. 20 Mule Team Natural Laundry Booster & Multi-Purpose Cleaner, to give your detergent a little help.

This detergent booster is way more than just that. One glance through the Amazon reviews and you'd see just all the uses this favorite has. Want to make your own detergent? Done. Want to clean your carpets? No problem. Want a new dry shampoo? Not even joking! But most of all, it really helps your existing detergent get your clothes SUPER clean.

Get it on Amazon for $12.


17. ZipMeUp, so you can zip up without anyone's help.


19. Kleinert's Disposable Underarm Shields, so you don't even have to think about pit stains.

20. Unshrinkit, to get your clothes back to their original size.

"Honey I shrunk the..." honestly, we'd rather hear kids than our favorite piece of knitwear. But now you don't have to stress about that sweater that snuck into the dryer. Just soak your shrunken garment and in about a half hour it'll be back to its original size.

Get it on Amazon for $13.

21. More of Me to Love Button Pant Extender, to give you that extra inch.


22. Ecover Stain Remover, to prepare your stains before you throw them in the washing machine.

The built-in applicator lets you scrub in the all-natural stain remover: Do that right before you throw your dirty clothes into the wash and they'll come out like new.

Get a 2-pack on Amazon for $11.

23. Kloud City Bee Style Drawer Divider, to finally organize that giant heap of socks.

24. Woolite At Home Dry Cleaner, to get your hand-washables and dry clean–only clothing clean at home.

Throw one of these Woolite sheets into the dryer with your dry clean–only clothes and they'll come out refreshed and ready to go.

Get it on Amazon for $20.

25. Dritz Snag Nab-It Tool, to fix all the snags in your favorite knit pieces.,

It's not super fancy, but it works. Just insert the needle into your snag and then pull the needle through to the back side of the fabric, following the grain of the material. That's it! Your snag should be totally repaired. Get the full tutorial here!

Get it on Amazon for $4.


26. Household Essentials Fresh Cedar Rings, to protect your clothes from pests, mildew, and mustiness.

27. Dr Scholl's Moleskin, for when your underwire is an overwire.,

By adding some moleskin tape to your underwire bras you can prevent that metal poke that so often gets you right in the chest. Get a full tutorial on how here.

Get it on Amazon for $5.

28. Flash Tape, to secure your sometimes-too-revealing clothes.

Celebrity stylists swear by the magic of double-sided tape to keep everything in place. Wether it's a low-cut top or a gap between buttons that just keeps popping open, a small strip of this tape will fix all your troubles.

Get it on Amazon for $8.


32. Chick Magnet, so you don't accidentally have a Marilyn moment.

Easy-to-attach magnets are placed to the bottom of your skirt; when you hit that wind tunnel just snap them together and your skirt will stay put.

Get it on Amazon for $11.


35. Diamond Laundry Mesh Laundry Bags, to wash your unmentionables in a delicate manner.

Throw in your undergarments, delicates, even your stuffed animals and don't stress about how they'll come out. These reusable, zip-closed bags protect whatever's inside from the harshness of your washing machine, while still letting them get so fresh and so clean.

Get it on Amazon for $17.

37. Twist Ties, to secure a loose or missing button.

It's inevitable: You'll lose your button right when you're about to enter the most important meeting of your life. So, next time you're in a pinch, try using a twist tie! By using the twistable wire within twisty ties, you can secure a button that's managed to escape the confines of your shirt. See a full tutorial here.

Get them on Amazon for $5.


39. i-Gruv Wool Dryer Balls, to replace your dryer sheets and get less wrinkles with every load.

40. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, to help repair your holey clothes without one stitch.

41. Dritz Fray Check, to prevent fraying on your favorite pieces.,

Coat your frayed or fraying edges and once the solution dries you'll have a nearly perfect seam.

Get it on Amazon for $3.


42. Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover, to clean up all your sweater's fuzz.

This Ultimate Fuzz Remover is the all-in-one fuzzy ball remover of your dreams! It has three different heads that you can switch out depending on the type of sweater you need to defuzz. Whether it's a cotton, polyester, or fleece something that you have covered in tiny balls of annoyance, now you can just shave them away.

Get it on Amazon for $20.

43. Razor Clips Bra Strap Clips, to help conceal your bra straps and control your cleavage.

45. Aleene's Fabric Tacky Pack, a variety of fabric glues to always have on hand.

Not everyone has a need for giant bottles of glue to fix problems you don't even know you'll have twice. This super handy set includes a variety of fabric glues to fix all your potential clothing disasters. It's like a clothing glue toolkit.

Get it on Amazon for $4.


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