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29 Things Everyone Who Can't Get Enough Velvet Needs To Own

Velvet should never be underground!

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A pair of blue shoes that are way better than suede.

Get them at Topshop for $26.

2. A luxuriously soft cap that is definitely not for baseball.

Get it on Asos for $13.

3. The softest pink cushion cover for sleeping like royalty.

Get it at H&M for $10.

4. This navy blue dress to wow everyone with.

Get it on Asos for $49.

5. A pair of delicate earrings with a very soft touch.

Get them at Mango for $10.

6. This lace cami that is the coolest shade of orange.

Get it at Urban Outfitters for $39.

7. An adorable makeup bag that's as soft as it is cute.

Get it on Amazon for $6.

8. This classy AF clutch.

Get it at Missguided for $34.

9. A belt to help you keep it together.

Get it on ModCloth for $30.

10. This dress that's a flowing river of softness.

Get it at Forever 21 for $21.

11. A pair of sunglasses that have you seeing the velveteen rabbit.

Get them at Missguided for $17.

12. These delightfully soft and sparkly embellished flats.

Get them at Target for $28.

13. A lavish paneled cropped tee.

Get it at Express for $31.

14. A swanky backpack that's royally blue but it's not sad or anything.

Get it at Boohoo for $30.

15. A delicate choker that we're confident Cinderella would wear.

Get it at Topshop for $12.

16. A lavish skirt to wear when you're feeling a little showy.

Get it at Missguided for $26

17. This lamp shade will have you covered in riches.

Get it at World Market for $25

18. A bodysuit for when you need to feel the delightful softness but need it to stay in place.

Get it at Mango for $40.

19. Some shorts that are really short but they're velvet so they're still classy.

Get them at Brandy Melville for $16.

20. A bow tie that can be worn to events that are as ostentatious as its fabric.

Get it at Target for $16.

21. An adorably printed dress for those perfect fall dates.

Get it at Zara for $50.

22. A bomber jacket that'll have you cloaked in coziness.

Get it at Make Me Chic for $32.

23. This quilt so you can be as snug as a bug in a velvet rug.

Get it at Target starting at $60.

24. Thigh high boots that are made for walking and that's just what you'll do.

Get them at Lulus for $49.

25. A cuddlesome sweatshirt.

Get it at Mixxmix for $28.

26. An extravagant phone case for when you need to call your boyfriend, Prince William.

Get it on Zazzle for $45

27. This blazer that's business in the front and snuggly all over.

Get it at Kohl's for $42.

28. Some sneakers that'll have you promenading in your royal garden, or just to the grocery store. Whatever!

Get them on Zappos for $119.

29. A pet sofa so that your best friend can sit in the lap of luxury.

Cause they work really hard giving all the loves and they deserve it damn it!

Get it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $200.

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