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    28 Ridiculously Pretty Sneakers For Anyone Who's Sick Of High Heels

    High heels? I don't know her.

    1. A pair of fashionable AF street sneakers featuring sparkling details, a soft fabric tongue, and lightly cushioned footbeds.

    2. A pair of lightweight embossed sneakers that'll add a sleek little pop to your #OOTD.

    3. An attention-grabbing pair of velvet slip-ons you'll wear when you feel like peacocking around town.

    4. A pair of floral canvas lace-ups I'm sure you probably owned as a kid — but now you can have the adult-size version.

    5. Some lightweight lace-up sneakers so comfy you'll think they were drawn right onto your feet — and they'll look like it too!

    6. Metallic star-studded high-top sneakers made of a breathable canvas and vegan leather.

    7. A pair of low-top old-school Vans designed with a delightfully whimsical floral motif.

    8. Delicately embroidered slip-ons that only look super expensive.

    9. A pair of arched Jeffrey Campbell chunky sneakers you're gonna love way more than you're ever gonna wanna admit.

    10. Fruit-scented PVC Melissa slip-on sneakers you'll never want to take off. (Seriously, there is something about the way they mold the PVC...I dunno, but they're SO freakin' comfy — and waterproof!)

    11. A monochromatic pair of high-top suede Converse sneakers so you can have a grown-up version of your favorite shoes.

    12. A velvet pair of bow-detailed slip-ons designed with a chunky platform for a little extra height.

    13. A lightweight sports sneaker made with a durable fabric mixed with gold thread so they sparkle just enough.

    14. A pair of pretty AF pink velvet lace-up sneakers, because they basically look just like your usual go-to sneakers, so why not cover them in velvet.

    15. These embellished jeweled slip-ons in gorgeous pastels that'll make everyone take notice.

    16. Glittering ribbon-laced sneakers you can use to dress up your favorite cropped trousers and T-shirt this holiday season.

    17. A gorgeously printed pair of lace-up Gola sneakers designed in collaboration with Liberty Fabrics for that perfectly subtle and chic upgrade to a classic sneaker.

    18. A vibrant pair of lace-up sneakers so you look like you've spent the afternoon working in your artist studio.

    19. A pretty-in-pink pair of Golden Goose sneakers, because you're a street-style star and these shoes will be the splurgeworthy proof.

    20. A pair of mesh low-top platform sneakers designed with a sophisticated little satin bow.

    21. A patent-leather pair of low-top Converse that just might be the only sneakers you'll ever be able to keep clean.

    22. Floral embroidered canvas Keds designed in collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. and using a super-comfy memory-foam footbed.

    23. A pair of classic Nike Cortez sneakers with all the details in pink — these are, by far, the best freakin' sneakers in the world and now they're in pink, people!!!

    24. These adorable D.A.T.E. sneakers designed with a sparkling embellished bow — making them perfect for your next D.A.T.E. night.

    25. A glittering pair of high-top Converse for all those formal affairs you actually want to be comfortable at.

    26. A pair of gorgeous Italian-made emerald green Golden Goose sneakers designed with a luxurious satin material — I mean, forget the red glitter shoes, I'll wear these down the yellow brick road, TYVM.

    27. A pair of lightly padded, flower-embellished slip-ons for a little extra something-something on your basic black shoes.

    28. And these investment-worthy Gucci Flashtrek jewel embellished sneakers that might just be the prettiest ugly sneakers ever made.

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