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26 Amazing Gifts You'll Want To Share With Your Best Friend

Sharing is caring and your BFF would probably borrow it without asking anyway. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Some salt and pepper necklaces so you guys can push it, push it real good.

Get the set from PeriwinkleNuthatch on Etsy for $22+.

2. These bracelets because having them as a BFF means never having to go to jail alone.

Get the set from Eclectic Reds Dallas on Etsy for $50.

3. These socks that sum up just how perfect you guys are together.

Get them at Forever 21 for $2.

4. These keychains so that you always know what she said.

Get the set from Keychainery on Etsy for $7+.

5. These sweatshirts because there is no better BFF duo than one that provides options.

Get them from Tees and Tanks You Shop on Etsy for $21+ each.

6. A set of sippy wine glasses so you can be a hot mess together... minus the mess.

Get them from Amazon for $11+.

7. These necklaces that you'll both wear as a reminder of how magical your friendship is.

Get them from Amazon for $11.

8. These key chains for your bestie who's with you through thick and thin.

Get them from Clay Creations For Ever on Etsy for $18+.

9. These pins because these ladies are the ultimate #squadgoals.

Get the set from Arthur's Plaid Pants on Etsy for $10+.

10. Or this set of lip balms so you can thank them for being a friend.

Get the set from Aromaholic on Etsy for $17+.

11. These t-shirts because when you guys are together you have no worries.

Get them from Simply Crafty 2010 on Etsy starting at $17+.

12. These necklaces for your BF that you know would make the better half of your crime-fighting duo.

Get the set on Amazon for $14.

13. A set of floaties so when you go to the pool you can be heartbreakers together.

Get it at Urban Outfitters for $30.

14. These necklaces for the friend who you know will always be there, no matter where you are.

Get them from Amazon for $26.

15. These holier-than-thou candles so you can thank God you have such an awesome BFF.

Get the set from Want Wish Buy on Etsy for $29+.

16. These custom necklace charms that will serve as a replacement when you can't facetime.

Get them at Flapper Doodle on Etsy for $25.

17. These friendship bracelets for the duos that are separated by distance.

Get them from Distinctly Ivy on Etsy for $20+.

18. Or these key chains that'll mark that distance but not your closeness.

Cause you know, there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river... well, you get it.

Get the set from The Light And The Dark on Etsy for $26.

19. This pizza pin because your best friend is the only one who won't judge you for eating an entire large pizza.

And the cheesy sticks.

Get the set from Stacy Michelson on Etsy for $10.

20. These rings that are perfect for your best friend who is really your sister, from another mister.

Get them at Hot Topic for $10.

21. These t-shirts for your bestie that maybe has a different weather forecast than you.

Get them from The Plaid Deer on Etsy for $21+.

22. These bracelets that secretly let everyone know you guys are best friends forever.

Get them from World of Minimalistic on Etsy for $12.

23. These matching cellphone cases because both of you are crazy, but only you guys can say that.

Get the set on Amazon for $20.

24. These wine glasses that are as adorable as your bestie when she's tipsy.

Get the set at Urban Outfitters for $16.

25. These best friend pins because... did we just become best friends?

Get the set from Good Good Pins on Etsy for $15.

26. And an 8-piece friendship necklace, because Best Friend isn't a person it's a tier.

Get it starting at $84 from CharmsOnThings on Etsy.

Here's to your number one, ride-or-die, sister from another mister, BFFL.

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