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I Tried Cheap Sports Bras To See If They Actually Work

Not all sports bras are created equal.

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Hi! I'm Elena. Recently, I conducted a very scientific experiment: I tested out a bunch of sports bras while jumping on a trampoline to see which ones actually worked.

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I headed to Bari, an exercise studio near my apartment. They have full-on trampoline exercise classes and were nice enough to offer up their space, in the name of ~scientific~ sports bra research.


The objective was to find a sports bra that would stop the jiggle-related pains I often feel when I attempt cardio, and would be super supportive, both emotionally and physically. (And because I have biggish boobs, I knew this could get tricky.)

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I'm a 36DD. It's been nearly impossible to find a comfortable sports bra that gives me a solid amount of support, holds me up, isn't hideous-looking, and doesn't cost a fortune. Basically, I need the sports bra equivalent of Ryan Gosling, and, well, he's not available.

I measured the results on a scale of 1 to 5 based on comfort, support, and look. Then, I took these results into consideration when determining an overall score.

As I said, very scientific.

I was actually pleasantly surprised! It was comfortable, and although the girls still bounced around a tiny bit, I didn't feel like they were flailing around so much that they'd punch me in the face.

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

It also comes in a bunch of colors and prints that are really kinda cute!


This was probably my favorite of all the bras. It was super comfortable and held the girls tight. Barely any bounce! And while it was giving me some solid support, it was super comfortable.

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

There is also a lot of variety in the color options for anyone who wants to get wild. Currently the pink one is only $6!

This one was tough. I really wanted to love it. It has all the makings of a great sports bra. Supportive straps, no uniboob, comfortable...but the cups are soft, and that led to a lot of issues.

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

The underwire held my boobs up and in position, but because the cups weren't sturdy, they just kinda flailed around with every movement. I could definitely see this bra working for a less-bouncy form of exercise, but not for this experiment.


This bra was probably the most supportive. It held everything together while I went nuts on the trampoline. BUT, it wasn't comfortable. I guess part of what makes it so supportive is that it hugs you, tight.

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

(I will note that about 10 minutes into my workout I stopped noticing how tight it was because the agony of exercise was much stronger then its grip.) It's easy to forget you smashed your toe when someone punches you in the face!

This was by far the most comfortable of all the sports bras I tried. It literally felt like I wasn't even wearing a bra, and because I HATE wearing bras, this was enough for me to award it a 3/5. That said, it didn't do much in regards to taming my lady bits. They were just flying around the whole time.

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

I would easily wear this bra for everyday life, but not for the trampoline life.

And the winner is...the C9 Champion Women's Power Core Compression Racerback Sports Bra!

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

It was SO comfortable, gave me plenty of support, and didn't make me hate exercising more than usual. It did give me a uniboob, which I know a lot of people hate, but I don't mind a uniboob every now and then. Just no unibrows.

Also, now there's a picture of me on the internet in my bra. (Hey, Mom and Dad! 👋)

Get it at Target starting at $6+. (Available in gray, pink, black, yellow, blue, white, red, dark blue, green, and purple and in sizes XS-XXL.)


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