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26 Honest AF Mugs For People Who Need Coffee To Function

Is there such a thing as Caffeine Anonymous meetings?

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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1. This mug that'll give emergency crews all your information.

2. This mug that's letting the world know exactly how you feel before your first sip.

Get it from Giftsology on Etsy for $15.

3. This mug that knows you didn't choose the mug life, the mug life chose you.

Get it on Look Human for $16.

4. This cup that knows coffee is like glasses, except warmer and better.

Get it on for $20.

5. This cup that wants to give you all the support you need... And that support is coffee.

Get it on Nylon Shop for $18.

6. This cup that is really hoping caffeine = personality.

7. This mug that lets the world know your priorities.

8. This cup, which knows that for everyone's sake, this better be true.

Get it at Target for $6.

9. This mug that's just really confused why people don't get it.

Get it on Amazon for $9.

10. This cup that knows coffee needs to be strong because adulting is hard.

11. This cup that has only two things to say to people who prefer tea.

Get it on Look Human for $16.

12. This cup that knows you'd rather cut off your ear than have to deal with humans today.

Get it from BootsTees on Etsy for $17.

13. This cup that's NOT taking your messages.

Get it on for $24.

14. This cup that has one word for anyone trying anything before you've had your first cup.

Get it on Nylon Shop for $15.

15. This mug that doesn't want to put anyone at risk.

16. This mug that knows no one has had enough coffee to be dealing with all this nonsense.

17. This cup that doesn't even cut coffee a break.

Get it on Look Human for $16.

18. This mug that isn't having any of Becky's shit.

19. This cup that has zero fucks to give...unless, of course, there are actual donuts.

Get it on Amazon for $15.

20. This mug with a sloth who gets it.

Get it from SwankyPress on Etsy for $16.

21. This cup that knows the odds are against anyone trying before coffee.

Get it on for $20.

22. This cup that knows the science behind your addiction.

Get it on Look Human for $16.

23. This mug that basically sums up your pre-coffee morning mantra.

Get it on Nylon Shop for $16.

24. This cup that sees the world before coffee.

25. This cup that's #SorryNotSorry to anyone who tried you before your first drink.

Get it on Look Human for $16.

26. And this mug that is basically your life.

Get it on for $20.

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