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36 Of The Cutest Hello Kitty Gifts You've Ever Seen

For everyone on your list who likes their kitty with a bow.

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1. These pins for your friends who are soy awesome.

2. This ring for your girlfriend who is always well accessorized.


4. This musubi kit for your nephew who only eats canned meat.

7. This crochet book for the aunt who is equal parts DIY and Hello Kitty obsessed.


16. These baking supplies for your grandparents who make the best desserts.

19. This rice cooker and mold for the cousin who always invites you over for dinner.


23. This bathmat for your cousin who doesn't walk all over you.

Get the bathmat for $10.

And if you want to convert their entire bathroom check out this bathroom set for $15, this shower curtain for $12, this toilet paper cover for $9, and the shower curtain hooks for $11 on Amazon.


24. These kitchen supplies for those long distance relatives that need to be reminded of how awesome your personality is.,,,,

Get the coffee maker for $30, the slow cooker for $35, the quesadilla maker for $23, the toaster for $43, and the ice-cream maker for $40.

26. This tea set for your little cousin who is sophisticated AF.


29. This face powder for your friend who always knows about the best beauty products.


32. These hair tools for your aunt who never has a hair out of place.


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