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23 Futuristic Pet Products You Had No Idea You Needed

Astro shouldn't be the only one with cool toys!

1. A smart toy that provides your dog mental stimulation.

2. A treat-dispensing two-way camera so you can FaceTime with your furry friend and buy their love with treats.

3. An activity monitor to make sure your pet gets all the playtime they deserve.

4. An LED ball for those nights when you want to be able to go out and chase some tail.

5. An LED and UV sterilizing pet water fountain that your pets will want to drink from.

6. The Arden Collar, which is the coolest pet collar ever created.

7. An app-operated food dispenser with a camera and speaker.

8. A litter box that monitors the health of your cat.

9. A GPS pet tracker to make sure your dog makes it home by curfew.

10. An automatic feeder for your pet that serves both dry and wet food!

11. A dog toy that times and rewards playtime.

12. A pet camera so you can be with your bundle of joy when you can't be with your bundle of joy.

13. A dog bed made of US military-grade materials so that it never smells.

14. A smart bowl to make sure your pet is getting the right portions based on their size and age.

15. A laser toy for your feline friends.

16. An interactive ball thrower so that your dog can play fetch all day.

17. An app for your cat.

18. A state-of-the-art towel to dry your pooch after bath time.

19. A luxury lounger for your pets for when you redecorate your house to resemble the home of the Jetsons.

20. A smart toy and snack dispenser to help you train your dog even when you're not home.

21. An automatic fish feeder, because we didn't forget about our aquatic friends.

22. A dog leash that makes taking your dog out for a walk a little easier.

23. A $30,000 Doggy Dream House.

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