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    26 Custom Gifts Pet Owners Will Love *Almost* As Much As Their Pets

    Chances are they like their pets more than they like you — that is, until they get one of these gifts!

    1. A set of waterproof, microwave- and dishwasher-safe vinyl stickers, so they can turn everything they own into an homage to their favorite creature.

    2. A hardcover storybook set with a custom-made bandana and matching ornament, all created in the likeness of their pup, to let storytime become a personalized adventure.

    3. A 3D-printed cookie cutter designed to look exactly like their furry (or not so furry) BFF; it'll help them make yummy treats that are as cute as they are delicious.

    4. A regal AF portrait of their pet, because they're f#@%ing royalty and should be treated as such.

    5. A temporary tattoo that'll *hopefully* stop them from getting an actual tattoo of their pet — for now.

    6. A larger-than-life cotton pillow of their pet so they always have them there to lean on.

    7. An engraved pendant necklace, because who carries photos in their wallet anymore? Especially when they can have a photo around their neck!

    8. An embroidered fleece reptile blanket so we can finally give all our lizard-loving friends the gift they deserve.

    9. A pair of custom-made earrings that'll make their pet do a double take the next time they look up at them.

    10. An engraved glass jar for a perfect place to store all their favorite treats — human or animal!

    11. A hooded sweatshirt with their critter's face plastered across the front. Not only will they love it because it's covered in the most beautiful face ever, but 10% of every product purchased goes directly to benefit the SPCA, Humane Society, and other animal welfare organizations.

    12. A plush keychain perfect for that person who can never find their keys. Now they'll never want to let them go!

    13. An engraved pet tag so you can save the day and let people know how much they love their pup whenever they manage to lose their way.

    14. A canvas tote bag customized to the likeness of their pet. It'll make lugging around all that stuff they carry for no reason a little more exciting.

    15. A custom rubber stamp, because they left their paw prints all over their heart so now they'll be able to leave them everywhere else.

    16. A magnet of their lovebug's face so everytime they open the fridge to get a delicious treat they're reminded to give them one too.

    17. A sterling-silver necklace personalized to look like their favorite portrait — whatever that is.

    18. A handmade brooch they can have a pin that's cuter than any other pin in the world.

    19. A prayer candle that'll turn their pet into the saint they already think they are.

    20. A personalized dog toy, because they buy your kid so many great gifts it's time you bought their kid one too!

    21. A personalized horse grooming set, because if anyone deserves to be pampered it's their Lil' Sebastian.

    22. A fleece bed their pooch will love lounging on, but not sleeping on because they sleep in bed with them.

    23. A lovely engraved ornament with their pets name to help them trim the tree in the only way they know how.

    24. A personalized paw print pendant so they can always have their four-legged friend close to their heart.

    25. A pair of plush slippers created in an exact likeness to their adorable bestie — basically you can gift them bunny slippers of their actual bunny!

    26. And a custom illustrated pillow cushion you can have made in velvet, 'cause they fancy and so is their pet.

    Here's to celebrating their most loyal companion!

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