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    41 Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

    **Ring, Ring** better pick up! It's HGTV calling, they wanna offer you a show.

    1. Restore stained grout on your tiled floors and walls with a grout pen that's mold-resistant and covers up to 60 meters of grout area.

    2. Update the showerhead and faucet in your bathroom to give yourself a mini spa experience.

    3. Add a peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash to give your kitchen (or bathroom) an upgrade that doesn't require any actual tiling work.

    4. Or go with a more colorful peel-and-stick faux-gel tile backsplash that's mold-, heat-, and moisture-resistant.

    5. Refinish your tub using a simple two-part kit that's moisture- and corrosion-resistant and will have you soaking in your gorgeous new tub in just about three days.

    6. Bring your worn-out floors back to life with a restorative wood polish that uses beeswax to help give luster to any wood surface — floors, tables, legs...whatever!

    7. Use a set of magnetic decorative hinges to give your garage door that carriage look without that carriage price — and they don't require any drilling or tools, just stick them on and bam! Instant curb appeal.

    8. Create a charming accent wall with peel-and-stick paper that can be easily removed when it's time to get your security deposit back.

    9. Upgrade your countertops to faux granite with a DIY paint kit instead of spending a fortune to replace it.

    10. Reseal all those unsightly cracks in your tub and tile by filling them up with caulk sealant to help make your bathroom look new again.

    11. Add privacy and a touch of elegance with "leaded-glass" film that'll make your windows and glass doors look super expensive.

    12. Or try pleated fabric shades for some added privacy without totally blocking the light.

    13. Swap your old cabinet and drawer handles to update your kitchen without having to do any renovations.

    14. Keep your memories alive and give your home some personalization with a gallery wall kit that includes everything you need to create one — including seven frames, a hanging template, hardware, and even some pretty black-and-white prints that you can use or replace.

    15. Give your old and tattered hand-me-down furniture a fun and unique coat of chalked paint — it'll provide all your pieces a soft matte, cozy look.

    16. Make your tiny space seem a little bigger with perfectly placed mirrors, which will also help in your quest to capture the perfect OOTD pic for Insta.

    17. Actually clean your home — including sanitizing and organizing the things that need to be, rather than just throwing all your stuff in the closet.

    18. Splurge on a rug that fits perfectly in your space by following a few simple rules.

    19. Update your light fixtures — it's an easy way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank (while still making it look like you did).

    20. Make your bed as plush as the ones you dream of sleeping in when you're shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond with this handy guide.

    21. If your space is a little too noisy, get an under-door draft stopper you can easily slide under doors or place in windows to help seal any gaps that may allow noise to travel through.

    22. Or try a thick foam weathering stripping tape designed specifically to help you weather-, dust-, and sound-proof your windows.

    23. Easily install a set of flame-retardant socket sealers designed to stop the cold air from leaking into your house and messing with your warm and cozy home.

    24. Erase all those tiny holes in your wall with a bottle of very handy drywall repair putty you apply in a small circular motion before painting it over.

    25. For under $20 you can convert your recess lighting into pendant lighting using a simple conversion kit — super-gorgeous lights you get to pick out based on your taste and preferences not included.

    26. Or you can upgrade your recess lighting with easy-to-install medallions to help add a little character.

    27. Get the appliances you've always wanted for a fraction of the price with a liquid stainless-steel range and dishwasher kit.

    28. And for a little bit more you can get a liquid stainless-steel fridge kit that'll help transform your giant icebox.

    29. Give your house the perfect red lip by painting your front door a rich red color (or any color!).

    30. And cover door scuffs and prevent new damage with a metal kick plate.

    31. Bulk up your baseboards with paint and extra trim instead of replacing them.

    32. Paint your cabinets to give your kitchen that just-remodeled feeling for pennies versus what it would cost to replace them.

    33. You can install nickel-plated soft-close hinges to give even your older-than-old cabinets a sturdy and gentle feel.

    34. Add molding on top of cabinets to give them that built-in, custom-made look.

    35. Update light switches to solar-programmable switches to help give your home a fresh look and a tech upgrade.

    36. Get some serious curb appeal by sanding down and painting rusted railings.

    37. Convert any nook, cranny, or shabby closet into an organized oasis without having to drill a single hole — by securing an adjustable clothing rack that suctions onto your floor and ceiling.

    38. Line the inside of your cabinets, wrap the top of an old piece of furniture, or upgrade your favorite Ikea frame with vinyl marble gloss contact paper.

    39. Consider these useful tips for upgrading your bathroom.

    40. Add a fresh coat of paint to get that pop of color (or to get rid of it) and give your home a touch-up without costing you a fortune.

    41. And since you're painting, a package of insulating additive can, when mixed with your paint, help reduce heating and cooling expenses and deaden noise.

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