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    30 Of The Best Small Kitchen Appliances You Can Get On Amazon

    From air fryers to food processors β€” everything you need to work it in the kitchen.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cordless electric wine bottle opener complete with a foil cutter and the ability to open up to 30 bottles on one charge β€” so, like, you should be fine for your next Saturday night.

    Promising review: "I ordered this for my smokin' hot GF back in 2012. Fast forward three years later, this $20 wine opener is still with me, and my smokin' hot GF is now my smokin' hot wife. I never thought either one would be with me for this long... but life is good. This bad boy probably pops open a new bottle every two days. The charging base has stayed plugged in to our wall for over three years now. We haven't even had to replace the screw yet. I'm shocked and impressed this $20 opener has faithfully lasted this long." β€”DaveyG

    Price: $17.99

    2. An ergonomically designed, stainless steel electric knife to help you cut through bread, meats, and maybe even the bullshit.

    On a personal note, I asked for this for Christmas and my secret Santa got it for me. It's been the best damn present I've ever received. BEST. DAMN. PRESENT. EVER.

    Promising review: "Bought this for Thanksgiving and worked great β€” even cut through small bones!! Love it! No regrets so far!" β€”Shelley Estep

    Price: $26.95+ (available in two styles)

    3. A programmable Instant Pot that can act as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sautΓ©, yogurt maker, and food warmer β€” so you can prepare a delicious dinner any time of the year.

    With nearly five stars and 22,000 reviews on Amazon, the Instant Pot's kinda high price is easily justifiable. People everywhere swear by the convenience, delicious recipes, and all-around awesomeness of this 7-in-1 pot. Read our full review of the Instant Pot, beginners tips, recipes, and vegan recipes.

    Promising review: "I held off buying an Instant Pot for far too long! We haven’t had a bad dish yet. I was skeptical at all the five-star ratings of both the Instant Pots and recipes, but am happy to admit I’m eating my words...and much more quickly! It’s so easy to use and clean. The duo is perfect for my husband and me but if cooking for more people definitely get at least the traditional size. Would give 10 stars if I could." β€”Morgan Woolley

    Price: $59.95+ (available in three sizes)

    4. Or try a programmable Crock-Pot with a locking lid β€” it'll let you prepare amazing dishes while you do a million other things, plus you can transport it without fear of spilling anything.

    Promising review: "I use a Crock-Pot a minimum of once per week. I had one for several years that worked, but would get so hot (even on the 'keep warm' setting) that the liquid would scorch along the sides of the dish. Because it was the only Crock-Pot I had ever owned, I thought that was how they all worked. I decided to get a new one, and was looking for one with the automatic timer that would cook and then automatically switch to 'keep warm.' I purchased this one, expecting it to perform the same way as the last one. After cooking one meal, it was obvious how terrible my previous Crock-Pot was. This one cooks evenly, never scorches, and the casing is surprisingly lightweight! The oval shape also makes it easier for me to store. This might be one of my favorite purchases ever." β€”Elw

    Price: $49.99

    5. A dishwasher-safe airtight cold-brew maker to help you get your morning pick-me-up right out of your fridge.

    Promising review: "I received my first Takeya cold-brew maker as a gift for Christmas. I like it so much I bought another. It's easy to use and very easy to clean, plus it makes my morning coffee more palatable. It was well-packaged, has easy-to-follow instructions, and will get lots of use at my house. One of the best features is that it can be turned upside down with no leakage." β€”J. Lloyd

    Price: $24.69+ (available in two sizes)

    Check out the best cold-brew makers at every price point on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    6. A lightweight, programmable egg cooker, because believe it or not, the hardest thing to learn to cook are fuckin' eggs β€” this little gadget can boil up to six eggs at a time, poach two eggs with its separate poaching tray, or even make an omelet!

    Promising review: "This little gem is NOT one of those small appliances I get and put on a shelf until the 'some day' that never comes. I LOVE THIS EGG COOKER, for lots of reasons. The key, to me, is I set it up for the eggs I want (add the level of the water for soft, medium or hard eggs) and β€” now get this β€” turn on the machine and WALK AWAY. I can go get ready for work and my eggs are ready for me in seven minutes or less. There is no worry about the cooker causing a problem overheating because the unit turns off by itself. If I forget I cooked some eggs for some reason, I don't have to charge back home and turn it off." β€”Julia Wolfe

    Price: $16.99+ (available in five colors)

    7. A dishwasher-safe panini press sandwich maker that'll create you a warm, yummy lunch in just about five minutes.

    Promising review: "I use this at least three times a week. I got it as a Christmas present from my mom and it is the best! You can get so creative with these. I will say the first time you use it, it will have a plastic-burn smell at first, it will eventually go away. There is a light when it is ready, but you have to plug it in to turn it on and unplug it to turn it off." β€”alfe

    Price: $29.99

    8. Or an investment-worthy 5-in-1 griddle to heat those hot pressed sandies (plus, it'll also double as a grill).

    Plates are removable and dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "This Griddler is awesome! It is so easy to cook with and clean. I got it for my fiancΓ© because he loves making grilled cheese and Cuban sandwiches! I figured we could just use it as a panini press, but let me tell you, after we made delicious grilled cheese and saw how fast and easy it was, we decided to make burgers on it. We ground our own beef and put the Griddler on 'sear.' It seared the beef right away, all liquids were pouring into the container, it was draining excess fat perfectly, and it took probably five to seven minutes to make the burger well done. It was juicy and delicious!" β€”Kate

    Price: $72+ (available in five styles)

    9. A handy little digital scale for anyone trying to get the exact measurements and weight for all their cooking and eating needs.

    Promising review: "This is perfect for someone counting macros. Also for people like me who don't really read directions, because we think we are smart and don't need them (you know who you all are) β€” if you place something like a container on it and THEN turn it on, it will automatically take that container for you, such a nice feature. I LOVE this scale. Also, it's super easy to switch between grams, ounces, and pounds." β€”R. A. Black

    Price: $11.85

    10. A 12-setting bread maker capable of making up to two pounds of super yummy bread β€” including gluten-free bread! β€” right from the comfort of your kitchen.

    Dishwasher-safe and non-stick pan and kneading paddles.

    Promising review: "This is the appliance I never knew I needed! I saw it on an Amazon and thought, what the heck let's try one. I am blown away. I have been baking most of my husband's bread for several years. He has celiac disease and must have a gluten-free diet. This bread maker has a gluten-free setting which works awesome. I've made loaf after loaf and they've all come out great! And it's so easy. I just have to dump my ingredients in and walk away. It's never been so easy. And I've discovered it does other things I had no idea a bread maker could do! I have made several batches of jam in it and they all come out great. This poor machine has run for days straight now making one thing after another as I tested it out. I wasn't sure I was going to keep it at first because I didn't think I needed another appliance β€” I tried it on a whim. I'm so glad I did! It has really made my life much easier!" β€”Laura A.

    Price: $69.48.

    Find some awesome recipes to test out your new bread maker in this cookbook.

    11. A two-rack countertop toaster oven just in case you wanted that baked good toasted goodness without the risk of making a mess out of your big ol' oven.

    Promising review: "This toaster oven works so much better than ones I have previously owned. It's perfect for cooking up a loaf of bread, and for cooking up side dishes during busy holidays like Thanksgiving when sometimes there just isn't enough space in a full oven. It heats quickly and temperature seems accurate. It also looks great in my kitchen." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $64.05.

    Get a bakeware set to use inside this bad boy too!

    12. Or if you wanna keep it simple, go with a two-slice stainless steel toaster to get that perfect golden bread every morn.

    Promising review: "This toaster has been in daily service for three years and has performed well. It's a moderately priced appliance, so I don't expect perfection, but this unit has come pretty close. The bagel setting heats the entire bagel (not just the exterior like other toasters with bagel settings). There are lots of toasters that claim to have a 'retro look' but this is unique in its old-school feel. With periodic maintenance (emptying the crumb trays, using a toothbrush to clean the elements, etc.) this is a great investment." β€”Karen Little

    Price: $39.99+ (available in five colors, and for two slices or four slices)

    13. A splurge-worthy Kitchen-Aid five-quart stand mixer, because you've been wanting one forever β€” just get it already!

    Here's why it's worth it: The five-quart stainless steel bowl has a convenient handle and is big enough to mix dough for nine dozen cookies or four loaves of bread in a single batch. The mixer has 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl so your stuff gets mixed real good. It tilts to allow clear access to the bowl and attached beater or whatever accessory you're using. Plus, it'll stir wet or dry ingredients, knead bread dough, and even whip up some cream. The mixer includes coated flat beater, coated dough hook, six-wire whip, and a one-piece pouring shield. The flat beater and dough hook are dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "Really wish i'd bought this mixer sooner. I've been wanting one for years. Spent my day yesterday making Christmas cookies and this mixer made it so much easier and faster. I chose the 'caviar' color, which is basically a metallic black. I was so happy with the color. Bowl fits a double batch of your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Love it! I will be looking for more reasons to use it." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $279.99+ (available in 42 colors)

    14. A multi-function glass jar blender – it's a great way to make an on-the-go breakfast (or a delicious treat for any time of day, tbh).

    Promising review: "I researched a lot of blenders before I decided to buy this one. I needed a blender that was powerful enough to use daily but cheap enough (I'm sure those $200 blenders are amazing, but I honestly don't see the point in spending that amount of money on a blender). This model has a glass vase and the rest is plastic. It looks fine in the kitchen, and doesn't look like you grabbed the cheapest appliance you saw. It has a very useful feature β€” the top can be used to pour the liquid, so you don't have to use a separate jar! Very convenient." β€”eli

    Here are some super-easy recipes, some healthy recipes, and some unusual recipes to blend up in your kitchen.

    Price: $29.99+

    Check out the best blenders at every price point on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    15. A super powerful 800-watt juicer to prepare those super expensive juices you love so damn much...but that end up costing you too damn much!

    Promising review: "This juicer is exactly what I wanted and needed. I use it every day to make some fresh vegetable and fruit juice, and I'm having a lot of fun trying different combinations. The product provides a cleaning brush with very stiff bristles, and it is very helpful in removing the pulp from the strainer. It is a bit loud, but that is to be expected with the power this machine has. I have had no problems with any of the parts and I've juiced apples, broccoli, beets (be careful of the juice as it stains very quickly), carrots, cucumbers, chard, oranges (with the peel), limes, strawberries, and pineapple. The only drawback that I've seen is that because the machine is so powerful when I drop some food in the chute while the blades are going, some pieces fly back out. They aren't big pieces, and I honestly don't mind. My only concern is when I'm juicing beets because the juice that comes flying out can stain very easily." β€”Becca Rose

    Price: $60.01

    Check out the best juicers at every price point on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    16. A two-speed (plus pulse control) food processor to help you create some really delicious pestos, dips, or even baby food.

    It comes with a flip-lid for more compact storage. Dishwasher safe bowl, lid, and blades.

    Promising review: "I've actually had this food processor for about a year and a half now and every time I've used it I've thought, 'Man! I need to write a review of this thing because it is really just unbelievable how fabulous it is!' So, this time I'm actually writing it. And, really, I would be happy with this food processor even if I had paid $200 for it. It just works so well. I have never had better pesto than what I make with this thing. The size is great, too. I put five or six cups of basil in it with no problem. And, although I'm not going to say it is easy to clean, it's not bad. Honest, it's not bad. Most of it can just go in the top of the dishwasher. I did, however, wash it by hand tonight and I was surprised at how easily the pesto came off. Olive oil, you know. So, yes, I LOVE it." β€”JoeBad

    Price: $38.96+ (available in two sizes)

    17. A collapsible popcorn maker for learning to prepare movie theater popcorn from the comfort of your sweatpants.

    100% food-grade silicone, and BPA- and PVC-free. Dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I love these thIngs so much, this is now the third one I've bought. I have one at home, one in the office, and I got one for a coworker. They are simple and easy, and work great. I just buy regular popcorn and put in a little oil and salt. I never burn in the office anymore and it tastes way better than the bags with none of the chemical taste. The silicone is easy to clean, just be careful because they are super hot when you take out of the microwave." β€”Jumesan

    Price: $15.90 (available in nine colors)

    18. A cool touch designed deep fryer to sizzle up perfectly crispy yet soft French fries whenever you want.

    Promising review: "This bad boy really gets the job done! Price is good, and quality, size, and durability are spot-on. We like the way it looks with the rest of the appliances in our kitchen. We're very happy with the features and the way it cooks; my wife likes the fact that she can actually peek and see what's cooking without grease splattering all over the place. ENJOY!!" β€”Freddie L

    Price: $54.28

    19. Or a two-liter capacity air fryer that uses heat and powerful dual fans to circulate hot air around food for the same crispy results you'd get from a deep fryer.

    Air fryer basket and basket separator are dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I had planned to buy an air fryer for close to a year. I kept reading reviews, would put one in my cart, then change my mind. I finally decided on this one. All I can say is, 'Oh My Goodness!' I wish I would have bought it a year ago. I don't deep fry anything because not only is it not healthy, I can't stand the lingering smell in my house. All the things I have been making in the oven β€” fries, fish sticks, onion rings, chimichangas, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, etc. β€” come out tasting so much better in this air fryer. I used no oil for most things. I would definitely recommend this item. I have been telling all of my friends. Everything comes out crispy!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $79.99

    20. A programmable single serve and full pot coffee machine so you can brew just enough for just yourself or for you and all your guests.

    Promising review: "I love, love, love this coffee maker! Usually, I am the only coffee drinker in the house so the ability to make one cup of coffee without having to use expensive pods has been wonderful. It's nice that I can use pods if I choose to, but the one-cup filter works great with my own ground coffee. I can brew directly into a travel cup or I can use a standard coffee mug if I'm going to be drinking my coffee at home. The machine shuts off automatically when one-cup brewing is finished and I never have to worry about whether I remembered to turn it off or not. When I have company I can brew a full pot, a half-pot, whatever quantity I need. It's incredibly easy to switch from one-cup to carafe brewing β€”there's just one button to slide to the other setting and it's ready to go. There's no need for paper coffee filters so there is less expense and less waste. I've never had any problems with leakage or poor functioning. This coffee maker is a great mash-up of single-brew coffee and carafe coffee. If I had been asked to design the perfect coffee maker, this is what I would have designed." β€”LauraZ

    Price: $59.99

    21. A 12-speed NutriBullet blender for a handy little shake and smoothie maker that'll leave you with a delicious beverage you can take on the go.

    Set includes power base, a tall cup, two short cups, a flat blade, an emulsifying blade, two re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes.

    Promising review: "I use this NutriBullet every morning to make breakfast shakes. Huge step up from the cheap bullets you can get for $30–$40. Quality blade completely shreds your fruits and vegetables. Use it for protein shakes post-workout." β€”MrChamberlain

    Price: $49.88

    22. A one-liter electric kettle designed to quickly boil up some water and then wrap up and take up basically no space on your counter.

    BPA-free and has a removable filter for easy cleaning.

    Promising review: "Great kettle and oh so cheap!!! This kettle is easy to use and very good. I have been using it for about two months and it still works like the first time. Has clear indicators for the amount of water you are filling. Gets boiling hot in about one minute. The automatic off switch is perfect for mornings so you can do other things while the water boils. Make sure you empty all the remaining water out of the kettle and leave the lid open to let all the steam exit to avoid corrosion or anything. Love this little thing." β€”Darin French

    Price: $20.99. Try some relaxing, stress-relieving tea for your new kettle too.

    23. A nonstick rotating Belgian waffle maker, because waffles are the best food in the world and if you don't believe me, just ask Leslie Knope.

    Promising review: "This little gadget is crazy-good! Don’t use spray or oils on its cooking surface. Preheating takes maybe three minutes and when it’s ready, a red light goes off. I used a cup of batter for each waffle and had no overflow. An independent timer can be used (on its handle) but I didn’t need it. I used the watch-the-steam technique. When the steam escaping reduced, I opened the top and there sat a golden brown, perfectly shaped waffle. I used plastic tongs to lift it and that could not have been easier. I am loving this ceramic surface! After making several waffles and letting the unit cool, I wiped it down with a damp cloth and stored it in its locked upright position 'till the next time. This is easier to use than the big ones at hotels." β€”Lynne

    Price: $39.90.

    Don't forget to pick up some straight up delicious pancake and waffle mix.

    24. An electric spice and coffee grinder designed with stainless steel blades that'll perfectly grind coffee beans in less than 10 seconds β€” plus can also grind spices, herbs, nuts, and grains.

    Promising review: "A little small, but other than that, it's the best grinder ever!!! I have been using this grinder almost every day since I bought it, grinding coffee beans, toasted nuts, spices, and dried herbs in it, and it works great. Super fast, no mess, easy to clean, I love it." β€”Tanya

    Price: $18.94

    25. A two-speed stainless steel hand mixer ideal for blending, whisking, chopping, and grinding away while you cook.

    Promising review: "I received one as a gift, and have loved it so much that I sent one to my mother-in-law, too! I use it all the time!" β€”Elisabeth O

    Price: $42+ (available in three colors and two variations)

    26. Or a more traditional five-speed Kitchen Aid hand mixer so you can stir up more than just drama in your kitchen.


    Promising review: "I bought this mixer based on people saying it had a good low speed, and it does. My old mixer's speeds were high, super-high, and bat-out-of-hell. To counter what others have said about the mixer's high speed seeming like medium, we put it to the tachometer test. Yes, the BF has a tachometer, so we hooked it up to the mixers. In the tachometer test, the old mixer's low speed started at 1050 rpm, with the highest speed being 1250 rpm β€” not a lot of range. This KitchenAid 5-Speed's low speed was a nice mellow 260 rpm; second speed was 450 rpm, then 650, 800, and 1100 rpm respectively. The thing is, even at the high speed, it's very quiet, and doesn't sound like a jet engine about to take off, so I believe it *sounds* like a lower speed, but it's more than enough to whip cream, egg whites, or whatever else you want that high speed for." β€”badcat

    Price: $39.95+ (available in 14 colors)

    Check out some of the best handheld mixers at every price point on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    27. A double-insulated, two-quart frozen dessert maker capable of freezing a delicious treat in just under 30 minutes β€” it makes ice cream, froyo, non-diary alternatives, and even gelato! GELATO, PEOPLE!!


    Promising review: "I purchased this after much debate about whether or not I needed a two-quart ice-cream maker or just the original Cuisinart one for $49.95. I am so glad I bought this one. It is so great, easy to use, makes a lot of ice cream, and is so sleek looking. I have a tiny kitchen and every time I turn around I am buying something that will clutter my counter space, but I have to say, this I don't mind." β€”H. Woolsey

    Price: $65.99+ (available in red and silver)

    Check out this awesome cookbook for some yummy recipe ideas and pick up a set of ice cream storage containers so you can make a bunch of flavors and keep a supply in your freezer.

    28. A 2-in-1 rice cooker and steamer to make everything you need for a nourishing, sensible dinner.

    ...that you'll promptly destroy by following it up with one of the above-mentioned pints of ice cream you just made. This appliance is BPA-free.

    Promising review: "I made rice in this little cooker that turned out great. This morning I poached eggs in the steamer (make a 'cup' out of aluminum foil, spray with nonstick stuff, put an egg in and put that into steamer basket, turn on and keep an eye on it for doneness), and then made steel-cut oats by leaving the lid ajar (put a plastic egg spatula under the rim of the lid, and when the oats and water are mostly just thick and gooey, turn the cooker to warm and let the cooker finish them). This is my first rice cooker and I always wondered why anyone needed to use one, but now I see the light." β€”Mary

    Price: $17.53+ (available in three colors)

    29. A multi-compartment nonstick breakfast sandwich maker to get McDonald's quality breakfast sandwiches your friends won't believe you made.

    All removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I must admit I thought this seemed gimmicky β€” UNTIL I tried it. Super easy to use, easy to wipe up, and makes a delicious piping-hot breakfast sandwich every time. So fun to dream up new variations. Come up with your toppings as it heats, let it cook for five minutes, and voila, breakfast is ready! We use it almost every day now. The only con I can think of is that it doesn't fit a full-size bagel. Guess we'll get the mini bagels instead. Crumpets work fine and if you cut the corners off your bread that works great too." β€”Karen Bramblet

    Price: $24.99 (available in four colors and for two sandwiches at once).

    Find some inspiring breakfast sandwich recipes with this cookbook, and if you're more a breakfast burrito person check out this handy little device.

    30. And a 3-in-1 hot pot and grill plate perfect for grilling, slow cooking, steaming, simmering, and even serving your delicious meals.

    The non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "It's only been a couple days since this arrived at my door, but somehow I don't remember what life used to be like without it. I imagine it used to be like something out of a Mad Max movie. This Aroma hot-plate-pot-thing is awesome. I was immediately hooked after a single use. It replaces my oven, my microwave, a second oven I had, an old hot plate that I really didn't use, a third oven, my slow cooker, the neighbors oven, my clothes dryer, my dog, and my grill. My wife said she didn't like it that much, so we are getting a divorce. It works out though, she took everything but my Aroma slow-cooker-heat-pot-thing, and I really think I am better off for it. I now spend my days cooking various meats and vegetables and meat-vegetable combos. To an outside observer, my life may look like it's falling apart, but it really isn't. I have my Aroma hot-cooker-pot-thing and that's all I need." β€”Joe S.

    Price: $29.99+ (available in two sizes and black and white)

    Happy cooking everyone!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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